Best places to enjoy PHO in Hanoi Old Quarter

Like all countries around the world, Vietnam also has its own unique national dish called Pho which makes Vietnamese cuisine globally famous. Maybe there is no one having ever tasted this dish once and not falling in love with this mouthwatering noodle soup. And Hanoi is thought to be the best place to enjoy Pho in Vietnam.  Indochina tours

49 Bat Dan Street

Phở Bát Đàn
Phở Bát Đàn- Source:

Situated in the center of the Hanoi Old Quarter, this little shop which has been here since the 1960s only sells beef noodle. Guests can enjoy the original taste of a hot bowl of Pho preserved the same as it was once introduced. As Pho here includes the soft and tender beef having a glowing pink hue deep in clear and rich with reduced goodness of bone marrow but not fatty broth, followers of this place are not the faint hearted.

This restaurant is always full of people
This restaurant is always full of people-

Queue and self-served at the counter instead of waiting for the waiters to come to you is the tradition you have to follow when coming to the shop. It is not wise to eat here since it might take you much time standing in line during high time, if time is of essence. To dine here, you may have to pay around 50,000 to 70,000. Vietnam tour packages

Hang Trong Street (at the corner with Hang Gai Street)

Phở Hàng Trống Street
Phở Hàng Trống Street- Source:

Eating on the street side where you can find most of the best dishes, is the most Vietnamese. To prove there is no exception, a bowl of Pho at the junction of Hang Trong and Hang Gai can do. You can find no tables but also the smallest type of stools. It is completely possible for these professional foodies to hold the bowl on one hand while on the other is a pair of chopsticks to slurp the clear broth with ease. Place the bowl on the stool is acceptable too if you cannot be food ninjas like them. These street vendors appeal not only intrigued passerby but also frequent locals for an afternoon snack from 5.p.m to 7.p.m every day. For a bowl of Pho here, you may pay only about 30,000VND.

65 Lan Ong Street

Dry chicken Pho
Dry chicken Pho- Source:

Besides the popular traditional Pho bo (beef Pho), Hanoians also create many stunning modern adapted versions, one of which is chicken Pho. When the sky is dark and full of bright stars will this shop open as on the pavement all the tables and chairs are set up. Of course, any young and trendy Vietnamese who want to find a place as a go for chicken Pho will frequent this shop. Here, you can definitely be served the traditional soup type but do not miss a chance to enjoy dry Pho with the broth separated from the noodle that this place is most famous for. Secretly hidden under a good serving of Pho and chicken is a special mixing sauce. As you are in a desperate fix for one in a hot summer night, this is the perfect replacement for a hot bowl of Pho.

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