Buffalo fighting in Do Son, Vietnam – not only a competition but also a festival

Beside the picturesque, romantic and mighty natural beauties, Vietnam is also very lovely and attractive for tourists by many other aspects. These things express the uniqueness in the culture, belief and custom of Vietnamese people.

And one of them is the traditional festival called Buffalo Fighting Festival in Do Son Viet Nam. This is the festival which not only is in association with Nixie worship but also expresses martial spirit of local people.

Buffalo Fighting Festival 2016, which is organized officially on August  2016, is the traditional festival in Do Son district, Hai Phong city. This festival happened in the happy and noisy atmosphere with thousands of people taking part in.

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How to prepare for Buffalo Fighting Festival in Do Son?

To prepare for the festival, people had to choose and raise the buffaloes carefully for a long time about more than 1 year. After the Lunar New Year, each village or organization appointed some people who have experience to go to everywhere to buy the buffaloes. They went to many far places such as Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Nam Dinh, Thai Binh,… and even to Tuyen Quang, Bac Can to find the suitable ones. The buffaloes which were chosen were strong male buffaloes with brown skin, 4 cowlicks, black teeth, thick and tough hair with many special features and characteristics.


Moreover, the organizing committee had to prepare the arena. This is a large ground with about 8000 square meters. Besides, they had to set up the fences around. Inside the fence, there were 2 places for the buffaloes which was going to fight. Furthermore, there were the stage for the opening and closing of the festival. And one thing which couldn’t be shortened was the large cheering stand.

How did Buffalo Fighting Festival in Do Son happen?

The festival had 2 parts: ritual and buffalo-fighting part. From the early month, the village elders celebrated the ceremony to express the worship and gratefulness to the Gods. And then, people took part in water procession.

On July , in Do Son stadium in Hai Phong, elimination round occurred with the participation of 32 buffaloes from 7 different communes. The matches happened intensely and amazingly, which excited the spectators a lot. 16 matches was 16 attractive and interesting competitions. From the elimination round, Buffalo Fighting Festival in Do Son Viet Nam 2016 attracted thousands of people taking part in. tours in Vietnam


In the morning of the main festival day, August  2016, every village asked for the allowance of the tutelary to take part in the competition and prayed for the luck and success. At 6 a.m, villagers picked the buffaloes up to the stadium. The leaders of the procession was the people holding flat, drum, gong, dragon palace and so on. They worn red and yellow scarves, cloth and waist. The next were the village elders and buffaloes. The backs of each buffaloes were covered with red cloth. Besides, there were 2 boys holding a flat and going next to the buffaloes. This procession happened with the cheers of people surrounding.

At 8 a.m, the drumbeat resounded and the matches started officially. From 2 gates of the stadium, buffaloes were brought out and stood under Ngu Phung flat pole. After the first beep, 2 buffaloes were in the short distance. After the second one, the boys will released them and 2 buffaloes fought with each other in the excitement of spectators.

The result of Buffalo Fighting Festival in Do Son Viet Nam 2016

The prize for best match was awarded for the match between the and  buffaloes. This match happened in 22 minutes and donated many interesting pieces for the spectators.


The final match between  and  buffaloes was extremely an attractive and intense one. Thanks to the perseverance and intelligence, the  one became the champion of Buffalo Fighting Festival in Do Son Viet Nam 2016.

Buffalo Fighting Festival in Do Son Viet Nam 2016 was the beauty in the cultural belief and custom of local people. They believed the village whose buffaloes won in the final match will have a lucky and peaceful year. According to the comment of the experts and the spectators, this festival happened more intensely and interestingly because the quality of buffaloes was raised and the organization had many positive changes.

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