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Cambodia, a country in South East Asia is famous for not only ancient temples like Angkor Wat but also a special traditional culture. Thanks to thousands of unique cultural features, Cambodia has become an ideal place for visitors all over the world. Coming to the country of golden temples, tourist will have chance to experience Cambodian culture in local people’s way of life, cuisine, cultural festivals held annually and also their traditional music and dance. Tours Indochina


The population of Cambodia is about 10 millions. The official language is Khmer due to the fact that the largest group ethnic is Khmer with 90 percent of the population. Over thousand years, Khmer people still know how to keep their own traditional ways of life for example they wear traditional clothes not only on special occasions but also in daily life or they still behave in accordance with traditional customs like greeting people with “sampeah” gesture, always closing door gently, sitting in a chair without crossing legs, etc.

Khmer women in traditional dress
Khmer women in traditional dress 


Coming to Cambodia, tourists cannot miss out the cuisine here. Cambodian food is not as hearty as Vietnamese food or as sweet as Thai food; it is just special in its own way. Snacking, which can be found in every street corner, is one of the most popular dishes in Cambodia. Other famous Cambodian dishes are kuy teav, noodles, jasmine rice, korko, bai sach chrouk. Moreover, there are fresh tropical fruits such as durian, dragon fruit, coconut, mango, jackfruit, plum, lychee as well as many kinds of dessert such as banana rice pudding, coconut pound cake, sticky rice and mango, etc. Most of these popular dishes are very affordable. Tours in Cambodia

A dish of bai sach chrouk
A dish of bai sach chrouk 


Water Festival
Water Festival

All of the festivals in Cambodia are influenced by the concepts of Buddhism and Hinduism culture. Khmer New Year is known as “Bon Chol Chhnam Thmei” which is the most important festival in Cambodia. This festival is celebrated on 13th April each year; it is when the famers relax before the start of a rainy season. During the festival, Khmer people play many traditional games such as the Bas Angkunh (seed throwing), Chaol Chhoung (twisted-scarf throwing), Leak Kanséng (twisted-scarf hide), tug of war, shuttlecock kicking, etc. In additions, Water Festival also attracts a lot of tourists every year. This festival is held annually in November to celebrate the start of a fishing season and express gratitude to mother Mekong River for providing the country with favorable conditions to have an abundant year.

Music and dances

In one hand, Cambodian folk and classical music which are influenced by ancient forms mostly portray a particular story and myth. Most of Cambodian folk songs are the combination of many instruments, singers and even dancers. Although most of traditional songs are only performed in ceremonies, it has been well preserved by talented musicians who always try to pass the most beautiful music onto the younger people.

In the other hand, Cambodian dance consists of 3 main kinds: classical dance, folk dance and social dance. Each of them has its own purposes for example classical dance used for entertainment, folk dance used to depict culture and social dance used for occasional social gathering.

Khmer folk dance
Khmer folk dance 

With uniqueness in people, cuisine, cultural festivals as well as traditional music and dance, Cambodian culture is becoming an outstanding attraction that every tourist should discover on the trip to this country.

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