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The life expectancy in Cambodia is not high. It has many reasons, but the lacks of iron is a main reason.

The latest report of the United Nations, it is said in the past 20 years, the average life of the poor people of these countries increased by 19 years.

Topping the list is the life of the people of Liberia , in 1990 the average was 42 years, now has up to 62 years , followed by Ethiopia increased from 45 years up to 64 years .

This list also some Southeast Asian countries, such as the average life of the people of Cambodia increased from 54 years to 72 years, or the people of East Timor expectancy is just 50 years ago, now has up to 66 years. Cambodia travel packages

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The world life expectancy has increased more than six years since 1990, but anemia in heart, lower respiratory tract infection, and stroke health led to decreased most in the world.

For most countries, changes in health life expectancy for men and women from 1995 to 2013 are significant and positive, but in dozens of countries including Botswana, Belize, and Syria, the healthy life expectancy strong in 2013 did not significantly higher than in 1995. In some countries, including South Africa, Paraguay, and Belarus, the healthy life expectancy has actually decreased since 1990. Those are born in Lesotho and Swaziland in 2013 is likely to live in good health with less than 15 years compared to those born in this country two decades ago. People in countries like Nicaragua and Cambodia has had been a large increase in healthy life expectancy since 1995, namely 14.7 years and 13.8 years in Nicaragua in Cambodia.

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In Kandal province, southern Cambodia, many children skinny, tiny, even mental retardation. Women are or fatigue and headaches, can not work. Pregnant women must face the serious health complications before and after childbirth, such as bleeding. This reason causes a huge impact on the life expectancy of Cambodia people.

Lack of iron in Cambodia
Lack of iron in Cambodia – source:

Despite it has much improved, but Cambodia is a country that still in the group of low life expectancy in the world. In people with iron deficiency anemia, caused mainly by poor diet nutrition. And that’s what is happening in Cambodia. If they have treatment helping restore personal health, it may improve national productivity by 20 %. So, the long life expectancy is not far.

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