Cambodian culture and customs

Cambodian Cultural imprints of religion introduced from India especially Hinduism and Buddhism. Throughout the history of Cambodia, the flow of ideas is the dominant religion, as well as a strong influence on all aspects of life, both physically and mentally. Therefore, the customs of Cambodian are the reflection of their culture. Indochina tours Cambodia

From the architectural magnificent world famous is Angkor complex – the world’s cultural heritage to the architecture of housing, schools; from the traditional dance of the great festivals of the country to the lullaby of her sleeping mother also imbued by the “flavor” of religion.

Besides the culture imported from India, China through religious thought, the Cambodians also have its own culture is very unique, create a culture medium used, and marvelous, it is very close but also very strange to visitors.

Angkor Wat is culture heritage
Angkor Wat is culture heritage
  1. Culture:

Cambodia is a country in which people have a religious belief in the absolute strongest and best in the world. Religion was introduced into Cambodia early. Hinduism is present in Cambodia since the early and quickly has gained the faith of the people of Cambodia. Until the seventh century, Buddhism was introduced to the country’s people with this gentle nature and quickly became the state religion with over 90% of Cambodians are Buddhists. And also since then Buddhism affects all aspects of life of the Cambodian people from the social moral standards to the behavior between members of the family. Tours in Cambodia

Culture in Cambodia
Culture in Cambodia

Buddhism has been associated with the deaths of the Kingdom of Cambodia manic, when prosperous nation, Buddhism is developed to its peak, and when the independence and sovereignty has been lost, Buddhism also suffer the same fate with the country. The presence of Buddhism in Cambodia was an important contribution to make up its own cultural identity of the country, in addition to the temple is the cultural center of the village which is also home to protect longstanding culture of the nation, protect and develop the beauty of life.

  1. Customs:

Cambodians have many ways to greet, dependent relationships, hierarchy and age among people.

– The traditional greeting is the end of man with folded hands in front of chest movements (similar hand gestures set of Buddhist prayer).

Greetings in Cambodia
Greetings in Cambodia

– A person who wants to show the opposite respectfully with people who will bow in his hands lower and higher positions.

– For foreigners, Cambodians also use a handshake, however, women still use it the traditional way to greet guests.

– Principles of conduct when greeting in this country is very simple: in return all received their greetings.

If you are not sure about what should or should not be done at the table together with the people of

this country, the easiest way is to follow the next;

Cambodia custom
Cambodia custom

– When invited to any meal, wait until you are seated to avoid committing the rules sorted by hierarchy;

– Older people are most often the first to sit at the table, like that this is also the person will begin to eat first; Absolutely no talking or doing business on occasions like this.

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