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Chaung Tha Beach is about 40km far away from the west of Pathein of Ayeyawady region.  It is a very convenient drive from Yangon to Chaung Tha taking about 5 hours. Chaung Tha received its name from the small stream (Chaung) which flowed at the western part of the village. Tha means pleasant in the Burmese language. Thus, Chaung Tha means Pleasant Stream in Burmese.

 Smooth sand beach
Smooth sand beach

The long Chuang Tha Beach with white smooth sand, wearring different beautiful style compared to Ngwe Saung beach. At weekends or on vacations it is always crowded with travellers from many cities around the world. It is recommended probably to rent one boat to explore the islands surrounding, or diving to see the fish in the ocean. Visit Chaung Tha Beach with Indochina tours Myanmar

The beach itself is a long expanse of golden sand. Modern facilities can be found in bungalow type beach resort hotels. Its white sand and the blue crystal water attract the tourists to take beach leisure. There is a wide choice of standard dining places offer the fresh and reasonable.

Relaxing beach
Relaxing beach

It’s where the waves of the Bay of Bengal and the Indian ocean lap the shores, and the beach expanding fast with many beach side resort hotels along the beach front to accommodate more visitors flow. The beach is less expensive than Nge Saung and Ngapali beach, and normally crowded with local middle class Burmese families. The beach is pretty clean. Beach vendors are not pushy. It’s a proper beach resort by Myanmar standards. So nothing could go wrong in Chaung Tha if you are on a budget and in need of a proper sun and sand. Tours in Myanmar 

Peaceful Chaung Tha
Peaceful Chaung Tha

Chaungtha is renowned for its fresh and reasonably priced  fresh seafood. A major attraction is a small pagoda built on a limestone boulder at the southern end of the beach. Nearby fishing villages and tidal mangrove forests are also popular among the tourists.

Chaung Tha is where locals head when they want to relax. There’s paddling in the water, floating about on rubber rings, plodding up and down on ponies, wasting money on tacky souvenirs, boisterous beach football games, happy family picnics and setting off Chinese fireworks in the evening.

Those who find the atmosphere of cities stifling, the pressures of work stressful and the responsibilities of modern life becoming burdensome, may shed their manifold worries for a while by visiting and enjoying a restful holiday interlude at Chaung Tha.

If you need to squeeze some sand and sun into your visit to Myanmar, Chaung Tha is a relatively convenient and affordable option.

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