Cheap and delicious places to eat in Battambang

Being home to an astonishing range of restaurants, offering something to suit most budgets and tastes, Battambang is where you can easily find not only traditional Khmer dishes but also a host of international cuisines, leaving Battambang expats spoiled for option. These are a few of the best places to dine in Battambang on a budget for those who are looking for something tasty and low cost: You can visit Battambang through Indochina travel Cambodia

Lan Chov Khorko Miteanh/Chinese Noodle Dumpling Shop 

Situated on Road 2 between Psar Naat and Pub Street, Lan Chov Khorko Miteanh — or Chinese Noodle Dumpling Shop as locals more commonly call — is such an awesome low-cost noodle restaurant. The menu consists of a variety of delicious soup and stir-fried dishes made with their own home-made hand-pulled noodles, together with fried and steamed dumplings. Costing less than $2, most dishes come with free jasmine tea. A firm recommend is the duck noodle soup. Not only the huge portions but also the chance to watch the Noodle man cook dishes right at the front of the shop is one of the highlights! Tours in Cambodia

  • Open time: daily for lunch and dinner
  • Address: Street 2, Battambang
  • Telephone number: 092 589 639

Street-side Khmer Noodle Soup

Kuy tiev
Kuy tiev-source: Internet

An informal stall set just back from the road serving Khmer noodle soup, also known as kuy tiev is the best place to get a traditional Cambodian breakfast in Battambang. Just past Dewey University, you can find this gem on Road 207 towards the President Hotel. There is usually a sea of motos parked around the gateway there to slurp up the tasty pork broth soup, noodle and vegetable, it would be hard to find if it were not so popular. It costs only $0.75 for a bowl here but as they close up mid-morning, be sure to get there early.

  • Open time: for breakfast
  • Address: Street 207, just past Dewey University, Battambang

The River

The River
The River-source: Internet

The River, which is scenically situated on the banks of the Sangker, offers an inexpensive extensive menu of Khmer and Western dishes ranging from $2 to $4. Even though sunset is a particularly nice time to enjoy the view, this restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And draft beers are only $0.50 for those who want a sundowner!

  • Open time: daily, from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
  • Address: Road 1A, Battambang
  • Telephone number: 012 781 687
  • Website:

Mariyan Pizza House

Pizza-source: Internet

Maryan Pizza House is a little out of the way beside Wat Sangker. The Khmer dishes are delicious and generally come in for less than $2.50 although their pizza is not so low-cost. As there are a number of small booths in which you can eat, it is also such a nice place to dine with friends.

  • Open daily, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Street 211, Battambang
  • T: 096 666 6863

Banh Chao

Banh Chao
Banh Chao-source: Internet

There is an ongoing debate about whether Banh Chao was originated in Vietnam or Cambodia, but it is best to stick to that side if you are in Cambodia! At a multitude of restaurants along road 159D (towards the railway line), the traditional vegetable, bean sprout and meat filled egg crepe is available for only 3,000 riel ($0.75). Not only serving Banh Chao all in traditional wooden houses overlooking the river with gorgeous views, several restaurants here also offer a unique cultural experience.

  • Street 159D northwest of Street 302, Battambang
  • T: 097 796 9865

    Green Mango Cafe & Bakery
    Green Mango Cafe & Bakery-source: Internet

Green Mango Cafe & Bakery

With a wide range of largely Western dishes such as: sweet potato coconut soup, snacks including a Philly quesadilla ($2.75), taco salad ($4.50), salads, soups, burgers and more, Green Mango Cafe & Bakery, which is a large air-con restaurant on the east riverside near Here Be Dragons, is bound to attract a loyal following, aided and abetted by the fact that the coffee offered here is pretty good. The setting is kind of urban 70s with slate grey walls offset by splashes of lime green and comfy leather and wooden chairs. Inside the same building is a boutique and foot spa, which is open from 12:30 to 5PM on Wednesday and from 12:30 to 8.30PM from Thursday to Saturday.

  • Address: No. 297 Street 159 | Phum Ramjak 4, Sangkat Ratan
  • Telephone number: +855 17 315 450
  • Open time: 7AM-8.30 PM

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