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1. Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak weekend flea market is one of the most famous bazaars in Thailand with an area of up to 1.13 km² and each day attracts 200-300 thousand visitors per day. Due to the weekend markets, most the stalls here are only open Saturday and Sunday. Travel Indochina Thailand

Chatuchak Market is located next to Phahaeng Phet station, so tourists can catch the car according to the route running, then out of the subway station is to the market. You can also take a taxi, but the timeout for traffic amounts and turns will be quite costly, even taxi in Thailand almost the cheapest in the world.

Chatuchak Market
Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak Market is divided into several areas, cut vertically horizontally. Point out to about 23 destinations split sides. In the middle of the dining market and ornamentals is base. Occupying much of the surface area of the garment, kind enough clothes, shoes, bag, briefcase, backpack, briefcase … with all materials. Besides, there are many interesting stalls selling stores horror mask, the people selling, bookstore tour guide, blocks selling jewelry, pottery shop, Pets … The price if compared with Vietnamese goods are cheaper than many, but you must also know how to bargain.

To go all the blocks this store you will have to spend the entire day in the market. So prepare yourself a good pair of shoes and a map of the bazaar. According to the experience of who should run sideways market, through the zone for all the items available at the market but do not go along each long row. Or you can check for themselves the areas needed, avoid disorienting would be very exhausting and time consuming. Also, while in Chatuchak, attention is not smoking, government regulations are enacted in early market 06/2008. Acts of violation will be fined 2000 Bath. Thailand travel packages

If you plan to travel to Thailand, do not miss the opportunity to shop at Chatuchak Market – the biggest weekend markets world located in Bangkok, Thailand.

2. Taling Chan Floating Market

Like the floating market in southwest Vietnam, Thailand also has floating markets extremely attractive, bears a unique traditional culture. One of the most famous floating markets not to mention market Taling Chan. Situated in the west of Bangkok, the market attracts visitors with grilled fish , steamed crabs right on the boat . Taling Chan appeared in Thailand since many centuries ago, the market usually from 9h to 16h session, selling traditional dishes of Thailand, desserts and fruit on the boat.

Taling Chan Floating Market
Taling Chan Floating Market

3. Or Tor Kor Market

Located near the famed Chatuchak flea market, open on weekends Or Tor Kor Market is where the sale and import of vegetable specialty fruit of all Asian countries. Visitors Or Tor Kor Market can also taste like salted fish seafood, sweets and delicious street food such as fried pork, with pineapple custard bread, and Thai curries.

Or Tor Kor Market
Or Tor Kor Market

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