Cost of living in Myanmar

Living in Myanmar is amazing experience, but you need to prepare some knowledge and some kind of experience to have an easy living, especially some places in Myanmar, the price for buying stuff is very high. Tours Indochina Myanmar

Living Myanmar, a country that is still America, the EU embargo, closed the door to the outside world, but the international traveler, this is still a land of mystery, fun with thousands of pagodas, temples large, extremely unique architecture in Yangon, the former capital Mandalay, Bagan city with stunning Inle lake…

Myanmar city
Myanmar city 

Myanmar food is easy to eat. There are dishes fried Chinese food varieties, served with curries with rice but not too warm as Indian curry, meat dishes warehouse resembles Vietnam. Vietnam more varieties that are on the table always has one big basket to raw vegetables, served with rice or salty fish sauce. Such hybrid should first Korean fellow travelers Myanmar food security without its own identity..

The fired rice with fill the belly (200 Chat / item), or fried rice (500 Chat / fried rice dish with bean sprouts and 1 fried egg), mixed noodles (noodles or rice noodles for microfiber mixed with vegetables, sauce, edible oils and nuts, people collectively, noodle salad, 300-500chat / plate). Lunch and dinner with the popular rice canteen as their home, to enjoy a rich bar, the only thing they will be served with rice, prices from 1.200-2.500chat / forks depending dishes. Tours in Myanmar

Mix noodles
Mix noodles 

The souvenir items such as sand paintings with images of the monks seeking alms union, the temple, the famous temple, lives in Myanmar …; statues, reliefs, wooden or bronze on Long Neck Padaung ethnic, children wooden canoe, wooden elephants … can be seen on any of the stores in the area sell, easy to take, tourism, markets, shops, large supermarkets with popular price from a few dollars to move a few tens of dollars, depending on the material and size of different size. The price also depends very much on the bargaining power of buyers, including in the large shopping center, where the items listed price, the normal bargaining can also help you reduce the price by 30% in this season.

Myanmar market
Myanmar market 

During living in Myanmar, although be forewarned about the difference in the price that the seller wants to sell and the lowest price they can be sold, many people still have purchase price is much higher than the purchase price of others with the same products. It is easy to make tourists pay the price wrong in that, the price of products in stores or direct the Myanmar people have portable offering is quite low compared with the same type found in other countries, or by guest unbearable pursuers, persistence of the seller.

A final surprise for tourists is the duty free shops at the international airport area in preparation Yangon boarding lounge to leave Myanmar. Here, the souvenirs are sold at almost the cheapest price compared to all the shopping that we were visiting delegation. Popularity rating of bracelets, key hook map, ring, only small objects … price from 1-3 USD. Products with higher value range a few tens to a few hundred dollars selling price is also much lower price points were considered the lowest as jade market in Yangon and also not bargain much by sellers understands that, at the time, the time of purchase is very limited, so they are very closely bid prices.

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