How To Cross A Road In Hanoi

Most foreign travelers confirm that walking around and crossing a road in Vietnam was difficult to do, especially in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Drivers always honk their horns without any clear reason. Normally, the meaning of a honk is to get out of my way or an apology for hitting. So, if this is the first time you visit Vietnam, I will suggest how to cross a road in Hanoi. First of all, you need to know the key is your confidence and quickness.

How to cross a road in Hanoi
How to cross a road in Hanoi -source: internet

Here is how it’s done

  • 1st step: To cross the street, the foreign travelers should step their foot without waiting for about more than two walking signals. If not, they will wait a long time when the local people still keep going no matter what the walking street is.
Three foreign tourists are crossing the street
Three foreign tourists are crossing the street -source: internet
  • 2nd step: Notice the following vehicles to judge their movements before going. When deciding to move, please keep straight and go steadily across the road. The drivers would automatically avoid you.
  • 3rd step: Please not look back, suddenly stop or turn to the right/left in the middle of the street. Since the drivers won’t understand what you are going to do, and they might hit you.
  • 4th step: In case that you go with a group, all should be close together to decrease road block. Remember to hold hands to avoid the division from the oncoming vehicles.
Remember to hold hands when going through the road
Remember to hold hands when going through the road -source: internet
  • 5th step: Don’t forget your hand signal because it’s quite helpful to pave the way than looking for the zebra-crossing in Hanoi.
  • 6th step: If you find a space, be quick to cross the road now.

Some safe tips for the foreign travelers on Hanoi’s streets

  • Be slow and steady

One of the biggest mistakes that most foreign travelers can make is to run across the street. The drivers will watch and adjust their speed based on the travelers’ pace. If there is any sudden move, it will be dangerous. Just be at an even pace and everything will be safe.

  • Notice of buses, cars, and motorbikes

The larger the vehicle is, the more difficult it is to move around a pedestrian. Please be engraved in your heart if you’re in Vietnam, especially in Hanoi. Therefore, you need to yield to buses and cars with a little regulation of your pace. Although it’s sometimes contrary to your common senses, you will be safer when walking in front of a crowd of motorbikes than a single bus.

  • Always be watchful on and off the road

Keep in mind that traffic in Hanoi is not limited to the real roadways. The foreign travelers can see some vehicles driving on the footways. And in some cases, they go against the flow of traffic. That’s why the travelers need to observe wherever they’re walking and paying attention to all directions before (and while) crossing the road. Additionally, if there is a sudden horn, it might be a warning that they don’t notice the following vehicle.

Be careful when crossing the street in HanoiBe careful when crossing the street in Hanoi
Be careful when crossing the street in Hanoi -source: internet

Well, how do you feel? Are you sure that you know how to cross a road in Hanoi already? I hope with some necessary steps, and useful tips will support you a lot for your trip in Vietnam.

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