Top famous food in Dalat you should try before you leave

Da Lat is famous for scenic and culinary as well as the people here are really friendly and hospitable. The best thing to do in there is eating street food.

Da Lat cuisine is always one of the factors that make up the beauty and charm of the mountain town. If the majestic natural beauty, fresh cool weather and lifestyle simplicity, friendliness of the people here is attracting tourists to Da Lat, the tasty main dishes,  attract guest, leave a lasting impression in many people’s hearts away. You can taste some foods in here Indochina holidays Vietnam when visit Vietnam

Hot Soy Milk: along at Da lat Market is a chain that sells hot soy milk and some pastries are sold quite attractive, it has become the favorite drink of many tourists to Da Lat. In addition to soy, the booth also has more milk green beans, peanuts, black sesame … kind always delicious, fat leopard, sweet taste, but very tasty. Each glass of soy milk can only be sold as long as the price 7000-10000 contract should increasingly popular special.

Hot soy milk in Da Lat city
Hot soy milk in Da Lat city

Coffee: Da lat quite famous for sidewalk cafe culture, but simply unforgettable as the people in here. Coffee mountain city sidewalks not like coffee concentrate Hanoi but heavy nor “refreshment” like coffee but gentle Saigon moderate, sober enough is enough for visitors to attachment. Vietnam tours packages

Tung Café is a famous shop in Da Lat
Tung Café is a famous shop

Da lat people often drink coffee in every morning, but other time periods during the day sipping a small coffee cup inside the rustic little shop around Xuan Huong Lake is also very interesting.

Strawberry cream : strawberry is famous specialty of Da Lat so will be missing if you come here without tasting ice cream is made from fresh picked strawberries make gardens, mixed with fresh milk, eggs and an integer other data. Enjoy strawberry ice cream in Da lat cool climate makes food seem more poetic and fascinating, as fresh sweet strawberries mingled with the cool of cream. Most delicious dishes right at Phan Dinh Phung.

Strawberry cream in Da Lat
Strawberry cream

Avocado cream: avocado cream is sold at affordable Da lat market with 15000 VND / other processed glass with avocado shakes. One avocado to be seeded and grated meat entered ladled cups before adding the cold sweet cream members entered above. Avocado cream is sold in the market are enjoying of people in fair trade and travelers know this dish, since the introduction of the locals. Compared with processed cheese and cream smoothie, then this approach may seem more palatable, many travelers admitted being “addicted” right from the first time to enjoy.

Avocado cream
Avocado cream

Make a time to go to the mountain town by yourself to enjoy delicious dishes mentioned above, add comments about a small corner in the culture of the people of casual hospitality of this country of thousands of flowers.

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