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Since gunfire ceased in the Kingdom of Cambodia, the beauty of a country with mysterious attractions deserve to be listed as world wonders as Angkok Watt, Angkok Thom, the largest freshwater famous lake in Southeast Asia… make you want to visit. Daily life in Cambodia is peaceful and simple. Indochina tours Cambodia

Not outside this trend, the number of people from Vietnam to Cambodia growing tourism. There are many ways to come here: the tour, the bus convoys or Canavan, but whether you go by no matter what, the country and the Cambodian people are always the exciting story with everyone.

Peaceful life
Peaceful life – source: pinterest.com

As one of the poorest countries in the world, the people of Cambodia still life tied to nature. Mekong River, as well as lakes Tonlesap is enormous importance for the people here. Agriculture, fisheries, animal husbandry, all of this depends on this water. Almost the life stories of the people nothing changed much compared to their ancestors for centuries. Even their daily food probably is not out of the mount it. Tourists can come across anywhere in Cambodia, who sells food from insects such as crickets nature, grasshoppers, spiders …

Living in Cambodia , you will feel very close to Vietnam because the people here are really friendly. From the restaurant owner or Tuk tuk driver enthusiasm can only show you the sights, the destination, regardless of whether you use their services or not. Tours In Cambodia

On the street, you can easily see people here smile at you as acquaintances. Very rarely have guests is unsettled phenomenon. These hawkers are hardly speak the truth, you can easily buy toys at the right price.

However, it is not so that you subjectively. There have been robberies happen when you move out of Tuk tuk, or strolling into the night bazaar. Like any tourist destination, you should be careful with your belongings.

Daily meal
Daily meal – source: pinterest.com

Nature plays a role of utmost importance for a country like Cambodia poverty. However, the next time, make sure the lives of the Cambodian people will be greatly improved with the development of the tourism industry, service and especially the bright future from these wells is about to be exploited.

Amusement park is famous in the evening in Phnom Penh’s the beautiful riverside area, with a lot of pub, coffee shop, shopping mall, neighborhoods like the West in Vietnam. For guests who prefer designer clothes Cambodian, Russian Market Russian market is the destination not to be missed on a trip to Cambodia. The capital is home to many qualify producing clothing for huge luxury brands include: Levis, CK, Ralph Lauren … , the samples are usually smuggled out in this market with very attractive prices.

Sisowath Quay riverside
Sisowath Quay riverside – source: yamp.info

Food in Cambodia is easily to eat, you can find very corner in this land. The famous dish must be known that Lap Khmer, it often have more beef than salad. Some natives almost like fresh beef. However, most of the restaurants were grilled beef salad before. Khmer beef salad lemons re includes sliced steak was lightly with lemon juice. Mix in the lemon grass, onions, garlic, fish sauce, basil, mint, fresh string beans and pepper, beef for sweet, salty and just enough extra bit of chilli.

You can comfortably live in Cambodia, the people here are very hospitable, The food is diverse, prices are reasonable make you feel happy in that way.

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