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One of Asia’s top destinations, Vietnam lures us with its phenomenal beauty, amiable people and rich culture that has endured for centuries. Throughout the years, it has undergone a significant transformation and the growing sense of optimism can be felt throughout the nation. If you want to know how to spend 10 days in Vietnam, here are some suggested destinations in the South to help you craft an efficient itinerary. During your Vietnam itinerary in 10 days, you should fly once within the country. This is due to increasingly long security checkpoint procedures, possibility of flight delay, time traveling to and from airports. Also, you couldn’t see much of the locals’ life on a plane. These destinations are chosen with that in mind.



Overview of Ben Thanh Market
Overview of Ben Thanh Market

Recognized as one of the most diverse cities in the country, Ho Chi Minh City, often called Sài Gòn, should be the beginning point of your Vietnam itinerary 10 days. Its long-standing charm is mirrored in its unique architect, vibrant food scene and buzzing urban life. Stroll around its numbered districts to discover numerous spots of interests:

Markets: Markets everywhere are lively and colorful, full of local products and reminiscences of local lives. So those in Ho Chi Minh are. You can consider a visit to the well-known Ben Thanh market which was established by the French in 1859. Some other noteworthy options are Nguyen Tri Phuong marketthe largest traditional one as well as the Ho Thi Ky flower market. Both are located in District 10. 

Cu Chi Tunnels: This site deserves a place on any South Vietnam itinerary. Only 60 kilometers outside of Ho Chi Minh City, this impressive underground network was dug by the Communist Viet soldiers during the American war. Expect to leave this place feeling emotive and thought-provoking, as you now know more about the Vietnamese war.

Historic Landmarks: You can find the trace of colonialism in many landmarks in Ho Chi Minh’s downtown area. These are Saigon City Hall , Central Post Office, the Cathedral Notre Dame de Saigon, or the iconic Reunification Palace that witnessed Vietnam’s most defining moment in the 20th century. Each of these landmarks tells a story, furthering your visit to Vietnam beyond sightseeing.



Get a glimpse into local life along the Mekong river
Get a glimpse into local life along the Mekong river

Now let’s take a break from the bustle of Ho Chi Minh city. You shoud spend some days from your Vietnam itinerary to head further South to the Mekong Delta . You will have chances to experience a world entirely different from urban life while sailing along the Mekong River. Here, you could get a glimpse into another era. It is a place where people still happily celebrate the timeless traditions passed down through the centuries. It is a place where water buffalo roam; women in colorful tunics sell their produce in lively floating markets; and children wave to you while swimming freely in the cooling water. Those experiences are definitely unique. Therefore, if you don’t have much time, many other kinds of tours to South Vietnam can meet your requirements. Please just make sure they are included in your trip.

If you are observant, notice how the coconut trees dominate this tropical land. Locals use the inner water for a energy-boosted drink, the “meat” to make candies or oil, the fibre to make rope, the leaves to make house roof, etc. You are always welcome to get your hands onto the process, and of course, bring home the products. Views are breathtaking, foods are delicious, cultures are compelling, and people are abundantly humble and friendly. The Mekong Delta opens a scene to savor the best of South Vietnam, making your 10 day journey more memorable than ever.




After getting a taste of South Vietnam, board your plane and continue your 10 day trip in Hue. With harmonious scenery settled along the poetic Perfume River, the setting of Hue draws people in. The city was chosen as the capital city by the powerful Nguyen dynasty, the last dynasty of feudal Vietnam until 1945. During this period, Hue has grown as the cradle of the country’s architect, literature, music, medicine and cuisine.

The city’s rich and intriguing culture is evident in its magnificent complex of UNESCO designated heritage sites. These include Imperial Citadel, Tu Duc tomb, Khai Dinh tomb, or the symbolic Thien Mu pagoda on the Huong River. Another way to spice up your 10 days in Vietnam would be enjoying a performance of Hue court house music, a UNESCO listed Heritage.



The Dragon Bridge spewing fire
The Dragon Bridge spewing fire

95 kilometers away from Hue, Danang is a city that has it all. It combines the laid-back vibe of a tropical coastal town with an evolving metropolitan. The city has been regarded as the most liveable city in Vietnam for many years, let’s come and see.

Hospitality is a big business here in the city, and is considered the best in the country as well as in Southeast Asia. Booming new hotel and resort developments now dominate the town, so you will expect to enjoy top-notch services for varying price range. Stroll along the Han riverfront to discover a vibrant city life. Occupy yourself with a delicious meal of seafoods. Spend the night watching the Dragon Bridge spewing fire from its mouth. All are definitely highlights for your Vietnam itinerary in 10 days.  

And there will be every opportunity to explore the abundance of history and culture the city has to offer.  The Sanctuary of My Son, Linh Ung , The Marble Mountains are top destinations for culture lover.



The colorful lanterns in Hoi An
The colorful lanterns in Hoi An

End your Vietnam adventure tours in the elegance of Hoi An. The influence of the Western, the Chinese, the Khmer that makes up the town fosters an environment of acceptance and an open to an endless array of styles. Visitors will be deep in cultural events such as the Hoi An Legendary night. It is when the streets are full of colorful lanterns.

In addition, the little town’s food scene is truly a microcosm of its melting pot of cultures. The most famous you should have known is Hoi An bread – the basis of Hoi An’s cuisine. Besides, travelers can experience the tasty noodles of Mi Quang, or the unique flavor of Chicken Rice, and so much more. A nice blend of upscale and casual comfort establishments is sprinkled throughout town, allowing for a scene that is always deliciously accessible.

As being said, Vietnam is the destination for anyone who loves history, arts, culture and of course, fun. It is possible to get the most of this magnificent country in 10 days, and the places mentioned above will allow travelers to do just that.


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