Enjoy Com in autumn
Today, I am going to tell you about my favorite childhood snacks. This one is very special as it only exists for a short time in a year. Annually when Hoa Sua blossoms and perfumes the air, I will excitedly wait for this specialty, COM. Com is young sticky rice with its signature green color. Quite often it is served in lotus leaves. Can you imagine the wonderful combination smell of lotus and young rice? Yes, it is so amazing and has a special power to calm you down. When I was a kid, I still remember that my Mum would deal with my tantrum by some delicious foods, and Com will always be on top of the list, especially in the fall. Enjoy com Hanoi with: Indochina travel Vietnam

Beautiful young sticky rice on lotus leave
Beautiful young sticky rice on lotus leave- source: internet

Unlike others, I can eat Com every day. It seems to me that I will never be fed up with this tasty food. Here are my favorite ways to enjoy this little amazingly heaven food.

  1. Eat with banana

Sound weird? Nah, it is actually one of the most common ways to eat this wonderful food. The reason is simply that autumn is also the banana season. Although nowadays bananas can be harvested all year round, they used to only be available in the fall, when some cold spells trigger its growth. To me, banana in this early autumn has always been the best, as it follows the rule of nature.

If you have eaten glutinous rice, you can easily be mistaken about Com flavor. It does not make you feel uncomfortable with its attaching state, but Com still maintains the sweetness of wax rice. When eating with banana, the light flavor of Com mixes beautifully with the taste of the yellow curved fruit. The soft, sweet white flesh inside makes the perfect harmony with the light sugary glutinous young rice. Besides, as a color lover, I adore the match made in heaven between pure yellow skin of banana and innocent green of COM. Vietnam travel tours

  1. Che Com
Homemade Che Com
Homemade Che Com- source: internet

Che is Vietnamese desert or side dish. It looks like a porridge but instead of a savory food, this is sweet in taste. As a sweet tooth, I can eat CHE anytime in the day, even substitute it for main meal like breakfast, lunch or dinner. Anyway, it is not a good eating habit. Che Shops are often open from late morning till late evening, so they are perfect dating locations for students and officers.

Regarding Che Com, it is made out of tapioca flour and of course, young sticky rice, Com. Sometimes, the shop owner can also add some jasmine fragrant and petals on top. I personally prefer the version with pure Che Com, without any food additives. I think it is more pristine and tastes better.

Com in Che Com still keeps its original color, bright green. However, the texture of its seed has changed a lot. All the seeds become softer, just like some rice in a porridge soup.

  1. Cha Com_Com meat ball
Com Meat Ball
Com Meat Ball- source: internet

If you love Bun Dau, some kinds of noodle with tofu; you might be familiar with Com meat ball. Basically, it is composed of Com and pork. Everything is crashed, and mixed together beautifully. After that, the chef will make some balls from the mixture and fry them all.

Com meat ball can be eaten with rice, noodle and bread as well. I think it is quite versatile, so my mom often make it in some batches and then put on fridge. Whenever we have a craving for Com Meat Ball, she just defrosts and fries them until they have a tasty yellow color.

In short, Com is amazing food, and especially it lasts only few weeks per year; so why not book a tour to Hanoi now to enjoy these tasty dishes and observe how to make this wonderful present of young glutinous rice.

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