Enjoy lemongrass lemonade water in Hoi An, Quang Nam

Quang Nam has a variety of beautiful landscapes such as Suoi Tien, Khe Lim, Bang Than or Giang Tham and Hoi An is the most attractive site due to its quaint, romantic and peaceful features, and diverse cuisine as well. In terms of cuisine, when you travel to Hoi An, you must try Cao Lau – a kind of noodle, Banh Mi Hoi An, dumpling, Quang noodles, Hoi An chicken rice. best Indochina tours


The beauty of Hoi An Quang Nam

However, have you ever tried lemongrass lemonade water during your trip? If not, you missed something which belongs to Hoi An. Actually, you can find it somewhere else outside Hoi An, but enjoy it in the heart of the old town brings a distinctive flavor, something is more beautiful and special. Most of the tourist come to Hoi An always look for this drink after walking around Hoi An.

Lemongrass lemonade water does not only have refreshment purpose but also have a lot of benefits because it is made from the ingredients which are good for health. It’s also considered as a detox drink but tastier and cheaper.

The best address to find this special drink in Quang Nam

There are many tea shops offering this kind of drink. However, Mót which located in Hoi An is the most famous one. It is not only well – known for lemongrass lemonade water but also famous for the décor and other traditional drink. After you have toured Hoi An – The Ancient Town, passing by 150 Tran Phu Street, you will be attracted by a small teashop which décor simply with a vase of fresh lotus, 2 small desks, a pot of lemongrass lemonade water. Because it is a small teashop, it just offers takeaway service.


A beautiful glass of lemongrass lemonade water

A glass of lemongrass lemonade water costs VND 10,000 (about 50 cents). It’s really cheap for a great drink. You will be amazed of its flavor. Lemongrass lemonade water has the special flavor that you can not describe it in the word. It has the lightly sweetness of sugar, sour of lime juice, a great fragrance of cinnamon, lemongrass, jasmine, and ginger. It brings to you the refreshing and relaxation. It’s served cold and decorated with a lotus petal, a green tea leaf, and a Chinese date. It’s really eye – catching. Once you’re in Hoi An, let’s find this teashop and give it a try.

How to make lemongrass lemonade at home

Of course, you do not have to travel to Quang Nam to enjoy this special water. You can make it at home from simple ingredients that you can find at any market.

In order to make 1 liter of lemongrass lemonade water, you will need 4 chunks of lemongrass, 2 tablespoons of honey or palm sugar, one cinnamon stick, a piece of ginger, and 2 limes. When you get everything on hand, let’s follow these easy step below:

Step 1: Lightly pound the lemongrasses and ginger which help them to release essences, then boiled them and cinnamon with 1 liter of water.


Prepare all ingredients

Step 2: Put palm sugar or honey to your taste. If you don’t have palm sugar or you don’t like the honey taste, you can use regular sugar instead. But, palm sugar is the most suitable choice. Indochina travel Vietnam

Step 3: Use a sieve to remove all the ingredients after boiling.


Add palm sugar or honey

Let’ it cool down and add lime juice. Put some ice cubes and enjoy or it can be served when it’s still warm. You can keep the leftover of lemongrass lemonade water in the fridge and use it within a day.

If you travel to Hoi An, Quang Nam, do not miss a chance to enjoy this lovely drink. It’s not because it’s tasty or cheap but it brings to you the indescribable feeling, especially when you are in Hoi An – the beautiful ancient town.

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