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Sticky rice is described as the staple food of Laos. It’s served in every meal in Laos, and it’s so important to be able to eat with it correctly. But, lots of travelers have no idea how to enjoy sticky rice at meal times in Laos because of their etiquette. If you find any difficulty in eating, try to follow seven steps below to know how it is done. Firstly, keep in mind that Laotian food is eaten and shared with hands. So, please wash your hand clearly before and after every meal. Indochina tours

Enjoy sticky rice in Laos

Enjoy sticky rice in Laos
Enjoy sticky rice in Laos -source: internet
  • Firstly, take a small quantity of sticky rice with your left hand. Ensure you don’t reach over anyone else when doing it.
  • Secondly, roll the rice up with hands either as a ball or cylinder. Make for about 3 or 6 rolls.
  • Thirdly, break off each roll and take the amount you need for each mouthful.
  • Fourthly, make each flat slightly and press it into the ball with your thumb.
  • Fifthly, dip the rice in sauces or soups.
  • Sixthly, enjoy the flavor of the Laotian chili sauce and sticky rice.
  • Finally, repeat above until your stomach is full. Then sit back and say “Im Lai” (means very full) to the cook.
A beautiful girl is eating sticky rice by hand
A beautiful girl is eating sticky rice by hand -source: internet

Indeed, understanding how to eat the sticky rice correctly makes sure that you are included in the local’s group and conversation. Apart from this, learning how to cook this dish is an excellent thing that you should not miss.

How to make sticky rice?

For any traveler, learning how to make sticky rice in Laos is an experience. What could be wonderful when we try doing something and then enjoy it! Head over to Tamarind on Kingkitsarath Road parallel to the Nam Khan River to learn some cooking lessons and broaden knowledge about Laotian cuisine. Classes are available from Monday to Saturday with the choice of a full day class, including 9am-3pm or 4:30pm-8.30pm. But, remember to sign up these classes in advance. Indochina travel Laos

Learn cooking sticky rice at a cooking class
Learn cooking sticky rice at a cooking class -source: internet

Cooking sticky rice seems the first lesson in each class, and here are a couple of steps that I will show so that you can know how to do.

  • Rinse the sticky rice several times to move debris away.
  • Place it in a pot with just enough water and then soak it overnight for up to 10 hours. To packaged sticky rice, you just soak it about 2-3 hours.
  • Remove the water and continue putting rice under cold running water for three times.
  • Place it in a steamer on a medium heat for around 20 minutes. After the water vanishes, the rice will be sticky and soft but not mushy and over-cooked.
  • Finally, cool the rice cool and put it in a bamboo container.

Also, the travelers learn how to make other dishes which are served with the sticky rice. One of the best yet simplest meal that they’ve had in this cooking class is sticky rice served with laap (minced meat salad) or to dip in a spicy jeow sauce or a delicious desert coconut milk.

Eat sticky rice with laap
Eat sticky rice with laap -source: internet

Known for the God of Laotian food, enjoying sticky rice in Laos deserves to be an indispensable experience. Time to learn how to eat and make it by yourself to bring wonderful memories back!

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