Essential things to know before traveling to Thailand

Compared to other countries in Southeast Asia, Thailand seems to be one of the less jarring destinations to visit. Every year, the Kingdom attracts millions of people and the number of travelers continues to grow. However, there are many problems that the country faces each day and the stray dogs, inefficient electrical systems and undrinkable tap water are just a few. There is always a reason for you to continue to make Thailand a stop on your travel trails. It is helpful to have a basic knowledge of what to expect before going to Thailand. To make your trip go smoother, here are things to know about Thailand before visiting. Visit Thailand with best Indochina tours

Avoid animal tourism

Avoid animal tourism
Avoid animal tourism-source: Internet

On many travelers’ itineraries, getting up close and personal with some of the most exotic animals in Thailand has become a must-do activity. A few activities you may come across while visiting Thailand are photo ops with monkeys, tiger temples and elephant trekking. Even though one of these attractions may be an item on your bucket list, it is advisable to cross it out. Not all travelers are aware of how these animals are neglected and mistreated. If you want to interact with these same animals, let’s search for a more ethical way! See elephants if you are dying to see them! But don’t try to ride them. For those who want to take a photo of a monkey, it is recommended to go to one of the many beaches they occupy down south or pay a visit to a temple where monkeys live. Thailand travel tours

Bargain responsibly

Bargain responsibly
Bargain responsibly

It can be fun to experience bartering in Thailand. There are not many places in the Western world allowing you to exchange numbers back and forth with merchants until you both agree on a fixed price. That being said, there is always a place and a time for you to fight for a discount. Barter away if you are spending time in Chatuchak Weekend Market! Undoubtedly, you should suggest a merchant go lower for an item that does not have a visible price tag than what they originally say. Move onto the next shop if you are blatantly making a merchant uncomfortable or bartering is no longer friendly banter. Don’t make yourself the tourist fighting to save only a few cents at a Thai market.

Be wary of good deals

Be wary of good deals
Be wary of good deals-source: Internet

Chances are, it is, if something seems too good to be true. This is a lie if a taxi driver tells you that there is a close special temple but taking you to another is more than happy. They are telling a lie if they tell you that they cannot use a meter. Oftentimes, both local travelers and foreigners are considered to be gullible, never-ending wads of cash and be able to be taken advantage of because of this. Do your research should be the best way to avoid getting ripped off! Don’t forget to check out the entrance fees to these top tourist sites you want to visit. All ways you can avoid getting ripped off while traveling are know a handful of Thai words and invest in a map.

Mai Pen Rai


It is a Thai saying that can be loosely translated into English as: “no problem, it will be okay, don’t swear it, no worries”…you get the idea. But much more than just a saying, Mai Pen Rai is a small phrase which encapsulates the Thai philosophy on life, and to act appropriately in the culture, it is necessary to know about it. Not only friendly, the Thais are also incredibly laid-back.

You can hear this phrase of Mai Pen Rai very often. As things go south, which is inevitably bound to happen at some point in all travels, it is essentially the go-to phrase for. To avoid being embarrassed, many Thais will say or do anything, Thais are incredibly wary of losing face. It is also possible to notice some people avoiding losing face in conversation. The Thais oftentimes laugh or just nod in agreement if they do not understand what you are saying. The fact is that they do not want to lose face by admitting not understanding any of it. You are bound to run into it at some point in your travels whether you agree with this idea or not.

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