Have you ever experienced any of the best Sapa homestays?

Have you thought about a travel to a peaceful country like Vietnam which is located in the Indochinese Peninsula? If not, it is really a pity for you! Each year, a lot of foreign tourists from many places in the world spend all their holiday time traveling Sapa to enjoy its unique beauty. When returning to their hometown, they said that they can’t help thinking about the wonderful time in Sapa. Therefore, they always harbor the dream that they will come back one day. Choose the best Sapa homestays with: Indochina tours Vietnam

So, what in Sapa makes them love this land too much? It can be colorful fields of flower, magnificent mountains, unique terraces, ethnic house with strange designs and so on. Besides, Sapa also has another thing which makes this destination become extremely attractive. It is unique homestay here! It sounds strange that why accommodation can become one of the reasons why travelers want to visit an arrival! So, let’s enjoy the best homestay in Sapa to find the answer.

Phori’s House in Ta Van Valley


Phori's house in Ta Van valley
Phori’s house in Ta Van valley

Phori’s House is located in the end of Ta Van Valley which is about 8 kilometers far from the center of Sapa town. It takes you about 30 minutes to move from Muong Hoa Street to this destination by taxi or motorbike. When seeing Phori’s House, you can immediately feel the cozy and familiar space. Each of rooms has good view to the terraces and valley. In front of Phori’s House, there is a small stream which follows slowly. In the morning, you can seat beside the stream to enjoy fresh air and hear the wonderful bird songs. This is extremely a good chance for you to tip into beautiful nature. It is very interesting, right?


A unique corner of Phori’s House where you can enjoy a cup of tea
A unique corner of Phori’s House where you can enjoy a cup of tea – source: internet

Moreover, if staying in Phori’s House, you can feel it like a true home. You can go to the market, harvest vegetables in the garden to prepare for the warm and delicious meals. Furthermore, in each of rooms, there are coffee, champagne, tea and so on which are ready for a romantic night. This is really an ideal place for family and friends. north Vietnam travel packages

Eco Palms House in Ban Lao Chai ethic village


Green space around Eco Palms House in Sapa
Green space around Eco Palms House in Sapa – source: internet

Eco Palms House is located in Ban Lao Chai which is near Ham Rong mountain and Sapa Stone Church. All the rooms here have good view to Hoang Lien Son mountain and Muong Hoa Valley- two of the most beautiful and magnificent destinations in Sapa. Eco Palms House has 5 bungalows which are designed and decorated like 5 typical kinds of traditional houses of 5 ethnic minorities in Sapa.


Good view to see magnificent mountains from Eco Palms House
Good view to see magnificent mountains from Eco Palms House -source: internet

In particular, in each of rooms, there are 2 traditional clothes of ethnic minorities for you to wear and take photos. Imagine that in the morning, you are in the ethnic clothes, seat in front of house, enjoy a cup of tea and contemplate the beautiful nature. It will be really preciously peaceful moment.

Sali House in Ta Van ethnic village


Seating in front of Sali House and having a cup of coffee is really wonderful
Seating in front of Sali House and having a cup of coffee is really wonderful – soure: internet

Sali House has been named as the Wooden House in Ta Van Heaven. Coming to Sali House, you will have opportunity to dip into green and fresh nature. Moreover, things in this house are very cute and have unique design. Staying in Sali House, you can experience interesting activities such as picking up tea leaves in the morning, bathing in the stream, drinking ethnic wine, and so on. In particular, you can seat in front of the room and contemplate the beauty of nature with the moon, Hoang Lien Son mountain, terraces and so on. Certainly, you will have wonderful moment!

Each of homestays in Sapa has its own beauty for you to explore and enjoy. Therefore, why don’t you spend your holiday time to travel Sapa with your family and friends, or even travel alone. At that time, you will have chance to both visit Sapa and stay in one of the best homestays here. It will certainly an exciting experience in your life!

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