Explore the beauty of the villages perched in Northwest Vietnam

Northwest attracts tourists by majestic mountains and rugged stretch of road full of challenges. Besides nature is stunningly sharp and poetic beauty of the villages perched on high mountains. Whether to Northwestern season of the year, visitors are not from your hearts in amazement at the beauty of this land.

Through the bumpy road, the vast terraced rice fields and the crystal-clear streams, you will arrive at noon Ngoc Chien. Is a remote village in Muong La district, Son La, Ngoc Chien located at an average altitude of 1,800 m above sea level compared to the year-round mild weather is like Dalat Monday. Tours Indochina

 Morning in Ngoc Chien
Morning in Ngoc Chien – source: dulichtaybac.com

Here, in addition to the famous hot spring source was intrigued by the local specialties such as wine, cider cat, sticky cassava, rice,, winning try, barbecue, grilled fish, vegetables cats… And above all, but the wild beauty makes people majestic stupor. Between the cool weather, the stilt houses have timeless hidden inside the plot at yellow, green at the picturesque.

Nam Khat Commune stop, the village remains quiet in thin mist awaiting the start of the day’s rays. Approaching noon, fog, warmth spread throughout the valley create a lively scene. Some of Hmong women are quickly inside the brilliant brocade cloth, while the kids frolic in the fields laughing golden and shining.

H’Mong ethnic in Northwest
H’Mong ethnic in Northwest – source: flickr.com

Supply lines Khau Pha Pass next to challenging. Located in Cao Pha, Mu Cang Chai district, Yen Bai province, where by road slopes, rugged, attractive many backpackers. Overcome the steep path perched around the mountain, to lunch, Khau Pha Pass was out front. Standing on the pass, the group enjoying the immense valleys and mountains of rice colored majestic splendor of the winds. Tours in Vietnam

Lim Thai
Lim Thai – source: pinterest.com

Khau Pha name means heavenly horn. Only when standing on the majestic mountain pass, looking at the Lim Mong, Lim Thai engulfed in fog in the distance, can understand the feeling of smoking protruding halfway hog heaven is like. From above the pass, we see quite clearly the floor roof of the Thai side of the stream Lim bends between upland rice immense. In the distance, the Lim Mong appeared perched mountainside with original apricot, peach root aging. Beautiful picture that is colored by the water flashed terraced color rice interwoven with golden time, when green.

Lim Mong
Lim Mong – source: news.zing.vn

Unlike the low-lying Lim Thai, Lim Mong is the people, who are used to living freely only where high mountains, so when residents are more crowded, they move up to higher positions. Maybe so, but it is said, to the Lim Mong is to the end there will be no more public roads, just the way the forest slash only.

Although the journey to conquer the difficult, dangerous roads and the provision of a rustic village between always made spectacular natural attractions Northwest any time of the year.

I Love Vietnam.

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