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I have written many articles about Hanoi, but I always find new aspects to write about it. Sometimes, I think, maybe Hanoi has been not only my hometown, my nest but also my muse, my inspiration. Whenever I feel exhausted, stressed, tired, lost; I come back there and immerse myself in its history and culture, in its gentleness and warmth. I have many ways to explore many corners in Hanoi, by walking, by bus, by cyclo. And today, let’s me tell you my most favorite way, by bike. Travel to Hanoi with: Best Indochina tours

Sword Lake
Sword Lake – source: internet

As I said above, Hanoi has been my home sweet home since I was born. And even I have had many chances to go many places in the world; it has always been the most important destination in my heart. Every time I come back Hanoi, I always feel relaxed and refreshed, especially riding on my blue bike in the early morning. It is very peaceful and simple. You just need to put on your old washed-off jeans, a pairs of trainers and you are ready.

Bun rieu
Bun rieu – source: internet

You can ride around West Lake. Compared to Sword Lake, West Lake is much bigger. I think 10 times is the least. When riding, you can stop by to have a bowl of Bun Rieu or Pho. They are all typical breakfasts in Hanoi. Hanoians prefer eating noodle as their first meal of the day. Let’s imagine you were riding and enjoying the fresh air after doing exercise, you could fill your empty stomach by a tasty dish. How satisfying it is! And more than that, after finishing your unstoppable dish, like some locals, you can wash your mouth with some warm or cold tea. There are many cafés near the lake. I think, just around Truc Bach Lake, the smaller one next to West Lake, you can count at least 15 coffee shops. So, of course, it is very convenient. If you are not used to drinking tea, a cup of coffee is always ready to be served. Vietnam travel packages

Tea vendor
Tea vendor – source: internet

Sometimes, my father orders his coffee cup while eating his bowl. The drinking shop owner will be happy to bring your cup to your eating table. It is no big deal.

While cycling, you might see some common scenes in early morning in the capital of Vietnam. Can you guess what they are? They are the images portraying many people doing exercise. On the pavements near the lake, the old practice taichi. On the other corner, some women might be gathering and doing aerobic. Next to that group is someone who just stands there and breaths in and out. Everything is so lively, and so true. It is a normal daily life, simple but priceless.

Doing aerobics
Doing aerobics- source: internet

Biking in Hanoi is not physically demanding. The reason is simply because Hanoi is located in a delta zone, which means that it is flat. It does not have many hills, or ups and downs. As a result, if you just want to bike and enjoy life, not really desire to work out, cycling is a perfect choice. Compared to walking, you can go further with less energy consumed. Compared to motorbike, it is easier to control. And maybe, if you do not have a license, you are not allowed to drive a scooter in Hanoi. Compared to bus, it is more refreshing as you are in close contact with nature. So, in my opinion and also from many people’s points of view, cycling is one of the best ways to discover Hanoi.

West Lake
West Lake -source: internet

Warning 1: You had better avoid rush hour as the traffic is super heavy at that time. You may only be able to look around at one point, as you are stuck in the road for hours.

Warning 2: It is summer in Hanoi. The temperature might reach 40 Celsius Degree at noon, so you had better avoid the period between 11 am to 3pm. Of course, you can justify based on the weather on the day you travel.

Besides that, cycling is wonderful, especially in the early morning or in the late afternoon. My friends also prefer to hop on their bikes in the evening as well.

If you like to have a friendly and reliable company, my friend, a local can be a good travelling mate. He knows a lot about Hanoi so I think maybe it is quite interesting to discover this cute city with him.  Good luck and have fun!

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