Explore Angkor Wat by cycling or view Angkor Wat from your pedals
Coming to Cambodia, you cannot help but visit Angkor Wat, a large temple complex that owns more than 1,000 temples of various sizes. This is the capital of the powerful Khmer empire in the past. Let’s explore with: Travel Cambodia and Indochina
The Angkor Wat archaeological temples, located just outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia – the greatest treasure of history and one of the greatest tourism sights in Southeast Asia. Named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Angkor Wat has hundreds of stone carvings built over six centuries like gods, kings of the Khmer Empire. Although visitors can choose from a variety of transportation options, a convenient and fun way to explore Angkor Wat is to rent a bicycle. You will be free to go, wander whatever corner you want. From the center of Siem Reap, cycling around the 6-kilometer Charles De Gaulle will take you to Angkor Wat.


For the exploration of the Angkor Wat, visitors should prepare some useful knowledge and essential supplies for the cycling journey. First of all, you need to rent a bike in the center of Siem Reap, which is very simple since some bungalows offer private bicycle rental. Rents range from $2 to $5, and may require you to show your passport or other forms. Second, you need to bring water, some food, walking shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen and a camera. Thirdly, you should buy the Angkor Wat tourist map in Siem Reap, or from one of the vendors in the Angkor Park. If you have a map book with travel routes or information about temples, your journey will become easier and more wonderful. Last but not least, Angkor tourism requires tourists to buy tickets. These types of tickets are valid for different time and sightseeing scope. The best way is to take part in guided tours. It may cost a little bit, but in return they will guide tourists what kind of tickets should buy that are suitable for the tour as well as take advantage of the time to discover more. There are 3 types of tickets available for tourists, including visiting all Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom temples. The price is $20, $40, $60 for one day, three days and 7 days visiting, respectively. It is highly recommended that you should choose the 3-day ticket because you will not be able to visit the temples of Angkor for only one day. The ticket is sold at the main gate of Angkor Park, which is located about 2 km from the entrance to Angkor Wat, from 5am to 6pm everyday. Tours in camboida

Tourists can feel assured that although Cambodia is quite hot, the climate in Siem Reap is very pleasant and cool. The road to Angkor Wat is very beautiful with tall trees on two sides, so cycling is not tired. In the morning, you should first go straight to Angkor Thom temple to return to Angkor Wat on time to watch the sunrise. The closer to the forest, the cooler the atmosphere, thanks to a lot of green trees and cool moats around Angkor Wat.


Going to Angkor Thom, let’s visit the Bayon temple that is considered the intersection between heaven and earth. Bayon is famous for its hundreds of giant stone statues of Guan Yin (in Vietnamese it’s called Quan The Am Bo Tat), each statue of stone has a different shade.


The Angkor Wat was built in a vast forest, so you can easily find a beautiful green lawn to rest under the shade of ancient trees along the way. When cycling all day, take some snacks and drinks, a thin cloth or a raincoat to help with the picnic during the day.

Going deeper, you will come to Ta Prohm, a temple in the middle of a primeval forest, surrounded by luxuriant trees, vines and ancient trees rising above the ruins of the temple. This place is very desolate but with a lot of vitality, so when anyone comes here, they feel very special. The temple is also better known for being chosen as the backdrop for the film “The Secret of the Ancient Tomb.”

Along the way, you can be surprised as a monkey from the jungle comes out, or stop at a small lake in the afternoon for watching the local people fishing. Wherever you go by cycling, remember to return to Angkor Wat before sunset to watch the sunset here.

Standing on the highest steps of the temples, tourists could view the beautiful sunset across the lake. Being alone in the vast space of a thousand-year-old temple, ecstatically enjoying the moment of sunset farewell Angkor Wat, slowly disappearing behind the trees, it has truly become the only and memorable moment in your life.


If you go alone or in small group of people, you do not need to worry too much on the journey exploring Angkor Wat by cycling because you can get acquainted with many foreign friends from all over the world. Wish you have an enjoyable journey and unforgettable memories there!

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