Exploring the beauty of Tho Ha village

About 48 km from Hanoi, the Tho Ha ancient village in Van Ha commune, Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province is considered as a land of “great spirituality”, which is famous throughout the country with pottery and ancient Vietnamese architectural complexes bearing the mark of the Northern Delta culture. For more information, you can click: Indochina tours Vietnam


Village Gate - The project carries the pride of Tho Ha local people
Village Gate – The project carries the pride of Tho Ha local people -source: internet

Tho Ha pottery village

The ceramic industry in Tho Ha has flourished since the 14th century. It is one of the oldest ceramic centers in Viet Nam, next to Phu Lang pottery village (Que Vo, Bac Ninh) and Bat Trang (Gia Lam, Ha Noi). Products of this village have been famous throughout the country. From the start of pottery development in the early 90s of the 20th century, the whole village people lived only on pottery. Tho Ha pottery has unique features such as: waterproof, sound like ringing bell, smooth brown color, warm and close. Pottery has eternal durability whether buried in the soil, soaked in water. The village only made household pottery, jars, pots … The pottery fragments left on the wall remained intact, the ceramic soul as stagnant forever. The prosperity of the pottery has helped the local people build a community of architects, pagodas, village gate.

Tho Ha pagoda
Tho Ha pagoda- source: internet

Tho Ha – The ancient Vietnamese architectural complex

Tho Ha is also famous for its ancient architecture, from the house to the gate of the village, and the ancient wells, which are made of bricks and terracotta. Especially, there is an ancient pagoda and a magnificent temple – a masterpiece of Vietnamese traditional architecture. Travel to Vietnam

The village gate is located in front of the temple; on the left there is a large lake, the right side is a hundred years old tree bearing cultural mark of residents in the North Delta. In addition, the village still preserves some ancient houses built over 100 years ago, typical for the ancient houses in the northern delta.

Tho Ha temple - a unique architectural art
Tho Ha temple – a unique architectural art -source: internet

Tho Ha temple is a famous communal house of Kinh Bac, the flower of Vietnamese carved art and is classified as a national architectural and artistic monument. The communal house was built in 1692, during the reign of King Le Hy Tong and is a large scale architecture with unique sculptures that have been ranked by the Vien Dong Bac Co Museum. This is the second ancient house in Bac Giang (after the Lo Hanh house built in 1576). Tho Ha communal house represents the spiritual and cultural space of the Vietnamese with typical architectural features. At present, Tho Ha house still preserves nine ancient steles containing many valuable cultural and historical studies.

Small alley in Tho Ha village
Small alley in Tho Ha village- source: internet

Tho Ha temple was built in the 17th century, worshiping Confucius, four Kings, and 72 fairies… Here is considered the cradle of Tho Ha learning. This is also a place to attract a lot of tourists to visit, especially in the examination season, the candidates came here to incense, worship with the sincere heart to wish to pass the exam.

The sunset scene on the river in Tho Ha
The sunset scene on the river in Tho Ha -source: internet

The ancient beauty, pure Vietnamese, hospitality of the local people and advantage not far from the center of the capital, Tho Ha ancient village has been creating great attraction for tourists within country and abroad, with those who study architecture and art, artists to visit and find inspiration.

Unique house wall in Tho Ha village
Unique house wall in Tho Ha village -source: internet

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