Must-visit Mandalay pagodas in Myanmar

Mandalay is one of the most attractive and popular destinations with travelers during their Myanmar tours. It is famous for many travel spots such as Shwenandaw monastery, Mandalay Hill, Royal Palace, U Bein Bridge, etc. Among them, Kuthodaw Pagoda and Mahamuni Pagoda are always two Mandalay pagodas which are must-visits for a large number of foreign travelers.

Kuthodaw Pagoda, the world’s largest book

Kuthodaw Pagoda is at about 274.2 meters from the foot of the Mandalay Hill, to the southeast of the Mandalay Hill. King Mindon built this pagoda in M.E 1221. Its height is 57.27 meters. It was completed along with the construction of three great walls in M.E 1224. Within these three walls, in the 5.26 hectares wide precinct, the Buddhist scriptures of the Three Baskets were inscribed on stone slabs and housed in shrines; the total number of the inscriptions being 729. This task of meritorious deed was completed in M.E 1230. The inscriptions were inscribed on alabaster slabs of 1.52 meters long, 1.06 meters wide and 0.15 meters thick and about 0.46 meters of the slab was erected in the ground. Indochina tours


Kuthodaw Pagoda, the world’s largest book - one of the most famous Mandalay pagodas
Kuthodaw Pagoda, the world’s largest book – one of the most famous Mandalay pagodas

The Kuthodaw pagoda comprises of a gilded pagoda, hundreds of shrines housing inscribed marble slabs and several pavilions. This Mandalay pagoda is also called “the world’s largest book”, named after the 729 marble slabs inscribed with Buddhist teachings. With the public donated money, an ornamental umbrella of stone was offered to shelter each standing inscription slab; so as to preserve the inscriptions through time and changes. Between one cave-shrine housing the inscription slab and another were systematically grown star-flower trees and Madhuca long folia at equal distances under the supervision of the Moe Bye Sit-ke (Second-in-command of a military unit) in M.E 1254. Today visitors to the pagoda can pay obeisance to the Buddha Image, and enjoy sweet recreation beneath the sweet-smelling, cool, shady trees. Myanmar package tours


 Entrance of the pagoda
Entrance of the pagoda

Mahamuni Pagoda and most highly revered Buddha image of Myanmar

The Mahamuni Pagoda is a complex of structures located along a road from Mandalay leading to Amarapura in the southwest. The temple has a central shrine framed by an extensive grass lawn. The arcades leading to the main shrine have, as in many temples and pagodas in Mandalay as well as in Myanmar, kiosks selling religious paraphernalia such as incense, candles, rosaries, flowers, robes, sandals, etc. and various restaurants and tea shops.


Mahamuni Pagoda
Mahamuni Pagoda

The Mahamuni Pagoda is one of the most important Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Burma. The pagoda houses the Mahamuni Buddha image, the most highly revered Buddha image in the country. The pagoda was built in 1785 by King Bodawpaya of the Konbaung dynasty after the Mahamuni image was captured during the invasion of the Arakan Kingdom.


Mahamuni Buddha Image, most highly revered Buddha image of Myanmar
Mahamuni Buddha Image, most highly revered Buddha image of Myanmar

The Mahamuni Buddha Image is in a small chamber, on a throne in Bhumisparsa Mudra. This posture or mudra symbolizes Buddha’s vanquishing of Mara. The legs are crossed with feet turned inwards, and the right hand touches the ground calling the Earth to witness to his past good deeds. The image is cast in bronze and weighs 6.5 tones erected on a pedestal 1.84 meters high and reaches a height of 3.82 meters. It is draped in royal costumes with Brahmanic cords and regalia crossing the chest. The image is crowned, bejeweled with diamonds, rubies and sapphires. The left hand appears imprecise, unusually large, and is resting in the lap with an upturned palm.

With highlights about structure and beautiful views surrounding, Kuthodaw Pagoda and Mahamuni Pagoda are attractive spots with almost travelers. They will be ideal spots for whom want to learn and understand more about Buddhist culture of Myanmar. If you are looking for a tour covering those 2 destinations, let’s have a look at Highlights of Myanmar 8 days tour. It will for sure give you such a great experience of these two Mandalay pagodas.

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