Favorite street food you should try when coming to Thailand
Tourists come to Thailand not only because of its beautiful destination but also thanks to countless delicious street food with cheap price. Let’s travel Thailand to enjoy street food with: Holidays Indochina and Thailand
Coconut Ice Cream

After long hours of visiting tourism destinations and tired shopping, it is hard to resist these attractive coconut cream. Just wait for your nod, the seller will quickly cut the coconut in half, and use half of the coconut to make ice cream. Coconut ice cream is made from coconut milk so it tastes greasy, soft and delicious. It is decorated with fresh coconut, peanut, or some dried fruits of your choice.

Thai coconut cream

Milk tea

The combination of acrid taste of tea with the fatty taste of milk makes it hard to refuse this attractive drink. Milk tea is the most popular beverage in Thailand, which is sold everywhere, from street vendors to cafes and restaurants at prices ranging from 30 to 50baht, about 20 to 35 thousand dongs. The red milk tea called cha-yan, the green tea called cha-kew will be a great refreshment drink in the heat of Bangkok streets.

Mango sticky rice

Thai people eat mango sticky rice like a sweet dessert. But you can buy mango sticky rice for breakfast, or eat whenever you like. You can find this dish in big supermarkets like Big C, Gourmet in Bangkok called Khao Niaow Ma Muang. Be prepare that you will fall in love with this sweet rice, fat taste of the coconut juice. The mild sourness of sweet mango and the sweetness of coconut milk make the taste unforgettable for this dish. Thailand travel packages

Tourists can enjoy the delicous mango sticky rice on street of Thailand

Grilled food

Grilled skewers will also be an interesting culinary experience that you should not miss. Thai people grill everything from meat, fish, eggs, sausages to viscera of animals or vegetables, in which the grilled pork served with sticky rice is the most popular dish. These eateries are an attractive option for tourists. With only 10 – 25 baht, equivalent to about 7,000 to 20,000 VND/skew so you can delight eat without fear of pocket deficits.


Chinatown attracts thousands of tourists enjoying the famous Tomyum of Thailand every night. There are many kinds of Tomyum such as tomyum goong (shrimp), tomyum gai (chicken), tomyum pla (fish) or tomyam talay (seafood). Tomyum soup is rich in lemongrass, lime leaves, seafood flavors, fresh lemon juice and especially fresh spicy peppers. There are usually two kinds of tomyum, one is without coconut milk (namsai) and the other is with coconut milk (namkhon). You can eat tomyum like soup or eat hot pot with rice and rice noodles, whatever your choice is, you also cannot deny this excellent dish.


Crepe Cake

Although Bangkok is famous for its many delicious dishes, no one would think it would be famous for its French crepe desserts. For only 60 baht you will have a crepe cake with nutella jam, fresh cream and fruits.

Fried banana

Fried banana is also a popular snack of Thai cuisine. Used bananas are Thai banana which is sliced thin and dipped in a mixture of coconut milk, flour, sugar, salt, fried coconut. Fried banana is covered with fat coconut milk, which is very delicious and enjoyed by many tourists.


The last dish to mention is the curry. Unlike Indian curry, Thailand’s curry is prominent with its fat coconut. Chicken breast meat is cooked so that it is still soft and sweet, with green pepper and herb leaves. Curry served with Thai rice that is sure to make you feel wonderful after a long day of traveling.

Do not wait anymore but take a tour to Thailand to enjoy above wonderful street food!

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