Features of top delicious restaurant in Vientiane

As an important part of any tour, enjoying eating and drinking local foods always becomes travelers’ favourite thing. So, when you take a trip to Lao’s Capital, besides you visit to famous places such as Lao National Museum, Nam Ngum Lake, Presidential Palace,…it will really regret if you don’t try some foods in the top delicious restaurant in Vientiane. Traditional factors jostling with modern fusion in the top delicious restaurant in Vientiane promises to bring you a special feeling, which is both new strange and accustomed.

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Vieng Sawan restaurant in Vientaine
Vieng Sawan restaurant in Vientaine -source: internet

As its culture, the foods in Vientiane is so diverse and colorful, specially in the top delicious restaurants. It’s easy for you to find such restaurants offering cuisines from traditional Asian to French and Western fusion on the street in Vientiane. And the top brands have been becoming favourite to all travelers in Vientiane are as follow.

Soukvimarn Original Lao Foods Restaurant in Vientiane

This is the top spot for traditional Laos foods. Established since 1991, the restaurant has a long time of experience in doing business. Today, it offers a wide variety of typical local plates comprising of pork, beef and fish dishes. The attractive thing is that you are able to have these meats grilled, roasted or even steamed.

Laos Noodles
Laos Noodles- source: internet

Vieng Sawan Restaurant

Unlike the other top delicious restaurants in Vientiane, Vieng Sawan has its own attractiveness and features. Truly, Vieng Sawan is more like an open-air food stall than a restaurant. It has very simple interiors, but it is loved so much from the residents. This means Vieng Sawan must offers very delicious and traditional Lao foods. So, you will have big chance to get some extremely authentic food here.

Miengchaokao Restaurant

Among the top delicious restaurants in Vientiane, Miengchaokao restaurant is really more polished and luxurious. And it also offers a wide range of wonderful and traditional Lao foods. Because the restaurant is designed well, it has ideal space inside and outside for holding event, party, or any large group of friends or family. Not as all, music events are sometimes organised here, which make the restaurant more special to all people.

Miengchaokao Restaurant
Miengchaokao Restaurant- source: internet

Khop Chai Deu Restaurant

Khop Chai Deu restaurant is situated in the Inthira Hotel of Vientiane. Besides offering traditional Lao foods, the restaurant serves Laotian food and other tasty cuisines with Thai, Indian and Western delicacies. If you feel strange with Lao foods and want something familiar to your home country, you can get here to find some.  Not at all, the restaurant become more attractive since it has a bar where you can enjoy an ice-cold glass of local beer while enjoying the live music performance every night.

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Khop Chai Deu Restaurant in Vientiane
Khop Chai Deu Restaurant in Vientiane- source: internet

Kualao Restaurant

Kualao is a elegant two-storey restaurant designed in French style, positioned in the heart of Vientiane. Kualao restaurant is noted for yummy or delicious foods and beautiful layout of the classic colonial mansion. The restaurant serves authentic Lao dishes of chicken and beef, especially typical instrumental music played every night. Besides the classic face, Kualao offers a rich menu of Laotian favorites like papaya salad, handmade Laotian sausage, deep-fried Mekong River fish, etc. The daily dance show performance from National Dance Troupe does make more interesting.

Kualao Restaurant
Kualao Restaurant -source: internet

The features in Lao culinary art is mixed by traditional and modern factors. That is a special combination between Laos culture and other civilizations such as Thai, French, India,…when you come to a top delicious restaurant in Vientiane, you will be deeply impressed the difference and the familiarity.

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