Flock To Tam Coc in September For Its Stunning Beauty
After a few days getting around Halong Bay, it’s time to keep our North-to-South journey going through the S-shaped country. If you wish to see Tam Coc in September, let’s head to Giap Bat bus station and then get on the public bus to Ninh Binh province – this ride would take you less than 3 hours and cost about $5. And Tam Coc lies about 90 km South of Hanoi and 7 km to the West of the city. Let’s explore Tam Coc with: Indochina travel and tours
The name “Tam Coc” here refers to 3 caves which elapse between the rice fields and bathed by Ngo Dong River that is interrupted by rock formations and limestone caves. Once arriving at the place, you will see how these formations, caves, water, landscapes and many historical & cultural sites around have made Tam Coc become as popular as its older sister, Halong Bay.

Tam Coc, The Tropical Paradise in Summer Season 

Do you want to visit Tam Coc in September? Buy the ticket at the place’s ticket office nearby the parking lot and then sail in little rowing boats at the Pier Van Lam by Ngo Dong River. You get to share the boat with 2 other Vietnamese people who will be in charge of rowing the ship to Tam Coc after 2 hours.

A village in Tam Coc – source: internet

A village in Tam Coc
A village in Tam Coc -source: internet

Nowadays, we don’t find it strange to hear some travelers asking whether to visit Tam Coc or Trang An. For the international visitors, they appear to take a great interest in Tam Coc in September, and this obviously happens for some intangible reasons. People both agree that it was just more beautiful, and furthermore, they love to take longer rides here for a budget-friendly price as well as visit many caves…Vietnam tours and packages

Ngo Dong River is a long waterway that brings all tourists to the beautiful Tam Coc
Ngo Dong River is a long waterway that brings all tourists to the beautiful Tam Coc
The tourists are out of cave in Tam Coc
The tourists are out of cave in Tam Coc- source: internet

When the summer comes, the sky in Tam Coc looks so high and cloudless, which is such an incredible scene to savor. Go down to Ngo Dong River, you’ll encounter the elegant autumn lake, then ride a boat to get yourself lost in this paradise among the majestic but timeless limestone mountains. Don’t look away when standing in front of the deep blue water surface where you can feel the wind pass through the rocks, that can bring us an amazingly new flavor of the rice.

And more wonderful than that…when you get to sit peacefully while strolling on a tiny boat and contemplating the golden rice fields by riversides.

The Gorgeous Rice Fields of Tam Coc in September

Are you ready to enjoy the gorgeous view of the golden rice fields in Tam Coc
Are you ready to enjoy the gorgeous view of the golden rice fields in Tam Coc- source: internet

The natural beauty of here won’t stop there, but we can see it clearly through the breathtaking landscape of the rice fields which covers up to 350 hectares in total. This opens up a newly pretty picture extending endlessly that allows any visitor to come across the vivid colors yet a serene life.

Come here in the ripening rice season, which usually falls in the late May and early June – it’s the best time for tourists and trekkers to explore every vast stretch of the golden rice fields. All boats will be numbered and always taking in turn to serve the tourists, but make sure to get boat ticket at 10USD per person at Tam Coc’s ticket station. Next, you can freely start the boat trip rowing along Ngo Dong river with an amazing view that could leave you breathless. And it could be river, beautiful aquatic species in the water and the goats eating plants on the nearby mountains.

Here is unbelievably favored by nature, not just with fantastic landscapes but unforgettable people. You just can’t help but only want to stay here for more than two days to fully discover it. Come to Tam Coc in September when you’re impressed by the beautiful smiles of boat drivers who have to row with their legs day by day just to show you this place’s historical and cultural values.

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