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Having 137 main ethnic groups including Arakan, Mon, Shan, Myanmar is the country where you do not need to walk hours to meet members of ethnic groups in the market. But if you want to experience the off-beaten-track, you can enjoy very nice and easy trek or walk in the countryside in Myanmar. Indochina tours Myanmar

Ziyadum in Myanmar

Ziyadum trekking
Ziyadum trekking in Myanmar –source: puretravelguide.wordpress.com

Being one of the last frontier village in northern Myanmar, Ziyadum which is located about 34 mile north-west of Putao, at an altitude at 3540 feet above sea, is magnificent with picturesque rivers crossed by suspension bridges and pristine forests. Can be seen as close as a hand reach away in a clear day, Mt Phangran Razi, Mt Pangram Razi, Mt. Phonyin and Mt. Ziya, which all are of perennially snow-capped mountains are many mountains centering in Ziyadum.

Mount Pahngran Razi

Mt Pahngran Razi
Mt Pahngran Razi–source: tourdulichmyanmar.org

Towering about 14200 feet above the sea level, Mt Pahngran Razi is one of the most challenging peaks to scale among a lot of peaks in the region. Located about 56 mile North West of Putao near Myanmar – Indian border, this mountain is generally covered with snow from November to May. The pristine purity of its forest and eco-systems has been maintained due to the remoteness and difficult accessibility of the area. It is well worth maintaining and foresting the richness of its biodiversity in the interest of coming generations and present unapproachable opportunities to present-day professionals in the field of ecology, conservation, environmental protection, forestry, botany and zoology as well as mountaineers and hardy eco-tourists who would rather the testing back-packing trip challenge in the fastness of Myanmar mountain than a tour of common attractions in the more accessible urban centers.

Mount Madoi Razi

Mount Madoi Razi
Mount Madoi Razi–source: khakaborazitravel.weebly.com

Situated straight north of Putao and towering about 15146 feet above sea level, Mt Madoi Razi is one of the stunning features of Eastern Himalaya. The secular and spiritual realms of life are symbolically linked together in a conjunction of mountain and heaven of the remote plateau region lying in the rain shadow of the Madoi Madaing Razi and its alpine range land. The sacred water tower of Malikha is the auspicious setting of majestic and rugged terrain ecosystem. Which plays an important role in the headwater’s environment of the major rivers system in the Himalaya is the alpine rangelands ecosystem. Alpine range land of Madoi Razi is also important for numerous species of wildlife, some of which are in danger and for a wealth of medicinal value’s plant species and other species as it provides habitats for them. It is said that the meadow rangeland of the Himalaya is some of the most incredible rangeland ecosystems in the world. Tours in Myanmar


Nomung is well worth exploring
Nomung is well worth exploring–source: www.wanderlusttravel.com.mm

Located at an altitude of 1640 feet above sea and about 78 mile north of Putao, Nomung is the center in terms of education, health care and administration for the area. Having two people per square mile ration, Nomung Township probably is one of the most sparsely populated areas in Southeast Asia. Being depot of botany in northern Myanmar, Nomung is you can witness heavily forested jungle with a wide range of fauna and flora. This is the very place where many rare species of orchids were found in 1920.

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