Halong Bay’s incredible sunsets – a must for travellers

Halong Bay has long been known as the world natural heritage with thousands of islands, blue sky, blue sea and numerous caves with stunning stalactites. It is a wonderful gift that nature bestowed Vietnam as well as a place where travellers should not miss to enjoy the world’s most amazing sunset.

Incredible sunset in Halong Bay
Incredible sunset in Halong Bay

It is fantastic to enjoy the natural beauty of Halong on a luxury cruises but many travellers have shared that it is even more interesting if you have a chance to admire the incredible sunset on the bay. The sky in late afternoon turns red when the sun slowly goes down the blue water makes Halong Bay beautiful than ever. Moreover, the colored lights of many Halong Bay luxury cruises reflecting off the water make up a colorful vivid picture.

I bet there is nothing more wonderful than choosing yourself a sun lounger on your cruise, sipping some beer or a tropical smoothie while admiring the sunset on Halong Bay. Close your eyes to feel the cool gentle winds through your skin and enjoy the fresh air is definitely one of the should-not-be-missed experiences as you visit Halong Bay with Indochina tours


It is not coincidence that Halong Bay sunsets was voted as one of Asia’s top five best tropical island paradises and praised for its” incredible sunsets’ by the CNN. According to Mr. McDonald, the famous founder of the asia travel website travelfish.org, Halong Bay is one of the destinations that travellers can wander by boats to admire the sea, day and night, more amazing than anywhere else in the world. He also suggested that there are two things that travellers can not ignore when they come to Halong Bay, the first thing is visiting limestone caves and the second one is enjoying the magical sunset on this tropical paradise.

The CNN praises Halong Bay for its incredible sunsets
The CNN praises Halong Bay for its incredible sunsets

Before you decide to visit Halong Bay and try this experience, I recommend that first of all, you should consider some tips from experienced travellers. One of them is booking a tour of a travel company to make sure that you will be offered a better price in the comparison with hiring a cruise yourself and the other tip is as you have to pass a long distance to Vietnam, why don’t you take full advantage of your opportunities to visit other no-less-attractive destinations such as Vietnam Mekong River, Hoi An ancient city, etc.

The Indochina Voyages team.

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