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Sapa, a small frontier town in Lao Cai Province in the northwest of Vietnam, is an attractive destination for travellers drawn to breathtaking beauty of mountains, terraced fields and clouds. However, your trip may turn into a faulty memory if you visit the site at the wrong moment because of its dreadful weather. The following tips on Sapa’s weather will help you choose the right time for an ideal tour to Sapa.

Sapa, Vietnam
Sapa, Vietnam

Sapa is has unique weather to Vietnam, due to its being located at an altitude of about 1,500 metres above the sea. Its climate is highly seasonal, featured by a subtropical climate in the summer and a temperate climate during the winter, which is completely different from the tropical monsoon climate dominating the North. Thus, Sapa’s weather does not owe its most special features to only that interesting discrepancy, but also the season changes within one day. You can experience one day with four seasons: spring in the morning, summer at noon, autumn in the afternoon and winter in the evening.

 A small village in Sapa
A small village in Sapa

Average temperature for Sapa is approximately 15 Celsius degree, but is ranges by season, striked by a maximum of 29.4 Celsius degree in summer and a minimum of 1 Celsius degree in winter. With that kind of weather and the range of temperature, Sapa is definitely proper for your trip throughout the year without bother being affected by extreme heat of Vietnam. However, there are a number of other natural factors besides temperature that you should take into consideration when planning a visit to Sapa.

Though also divided into two seasons, weather of Sapa is highlighted by a pleasant summer and an extreme cold, when compared with those of anywhere else in Vietnam. It is really cold in the winter, especially in December and January. If you are drawn to Sapa’s picturesque scenery covered by fog and cloud, you should take a journey during this time, but it may prevent you from doing some activities including trekking. Snow falls in some years on the highest peaks. Visit Sapa Vietnam with Indochina travel

 Sapa Catholic Church in snow
Sapa Catholic Church in snow

During the summer, from April to September, it is warm but not as hot as other regions, with clear sky and rain shower happening more and more frequently towards the end of the season. Thanks to this weather, the entire magnificent nature of Sapa seems to come to your view. You can see ranges of towering mountains which dominate the site, or an enormous area of terraced fields reflecting the local ethnics’ agricultural custom. However, a trip in July and August is usually recommended because of their being the peak month of rain and typhoon which can trouble you and limit your vision.

March – May and September – November are the two most proper periods for a laid-back and rejuvenating travel to Sapa.

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