Hanoi La Vong Grilled Fish

Not trying “Cha ca” means that you have never been to Hanoi, Vietnam. It has become an indeed speciality though just deriving from a normal family food so far. This good-looking Grill Fish attracts large range of Hanoi people as well as travelers all around the world boarding on their trip to Vietnam.

Delicious in each piece
Delicious in each piece

Cha Ca (Grilled minced fish) has been served in Vietnam for more than 100 years. Being encouraged by the appreciation of customers, the Doan family of Cha Ca Street in Hanoi specialized in this trade and the shop was called as “Cha ca La Vong store” as a wooden statue of an old fisherman called La Vong holding a fishing rod and a string of fish standing right at the door. Then the street was renamed by the people as Cha Ca Street as the specialty grew famous with every passing day.
This dish seems to be a simple but special: in the middle of table, a large pan is filled with chunks of fish fillets, dill, and onions, surrounded by a plate of greens, peanuts, rice vermicelli, scallions and a bowl of shrimp sauce – a strong smelling, purple shrimp paste. The unique taste of shrimp paste will complete the flavor of this dish. Cha ca Road’s should be the first choice when you’re seeking for particular quality and flavor.

The way that Grill Fish being served
The way that Grill Fish being served

To enjoy Cha Ca deserves to be a real art and one of the most amazing experiences while travelling to Vietnam. Despite many rises and falls though the long lasting history as well as cultural crosses, Cha Ca still keeps its unique flavor until now.

The Indochina Voyages team.

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