Ho Chi Minh City attractions

HCM city is a favorite of foreign tourists in Vietnam journey of discovery. One of the most fascinating things in this city is the ancient works over a hundred years old.

Ben Thanh market:

This is the most symbol famous centennial of HCMC, where any foreign tourists arriving in Saigon are certain to look at. Market was built in 1870, originally called “Les Halles CENTRALES” before being renamed Ben Thanh in 1912. Through many ups and downs, now Ben Thanh Market is one of the oldest markets with the oldest history in Ho Chi Minh city. Vietnam travel packages

Ben Thanh market
Ben Thanh market

Located downtown, Ben Thanh Market is also the most luxurious HCM City market, with all the consumer goods and food not only for city residents, but also foreign tourists. The souvenirs are plentiful attractive, many visitors want to go the shop. This is also a culinary paradise Saigon, with many dishes are sold around 3 regions of market. Indochina tours Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh museum (Nha Rong harbor):

Ho Chi Minh museum
Ho Chi Minh museum

In Saigon journey of discovery of foreign tourists is indispensable at Ho Chi Minh Museum (Ben Nha Rong). This is a very special place with people of Ho Chi Minh City by 1911 and the young man was from here Nguyen Tat Thanh abroad to perform aspiration to find a way to save the people, save the nation.

Nha Rong Habor was built in 1862, initially as commercial port of Saigon. Rong was named by the court on the roof of the headquarters of the harbor has two large dragon statue. Over the past hundred years, the entire ancient architecture is virtually intact.

Ho Chi Minh theatre:

Built in 1900, this centennial project not only as a symbol of HCMC but also a place for holding theatrical performances and art was used to organize a big event. With its central location, it is also a gathering place of people familiar Saigon. They come to take pictures, walk and enjoy a coffee at the shop around, watching the lively rhythms of city life.

Ho Chi Minh theatre
Ho Chi Minh theatre

Like many old buildings of Saigon Opera House brings European architecture, with each detail is cared sophistication. So far, though there was a lot HCMC beautiful building, the Opera House is still a luxury building, outstanding amongst modern.

Ho Chi Minh Post Office:

It is the point to attract foreign tourists, HCM City Post Office is considered Vietnam’s largest post office. Post Office was built in 1886 – 1891 by the famous architect Gustave Eiffel, the dome and arched windows reminiscent of the railway station in Europe.

Ho Chi Minh post office
Ho Chi Minh post office

Despite strong sunlight outdoors, but when we entered the post office you always feel cool because the high ceilings and windows systems get natural light. Inside zip, two side walls are decorated with two special maps: maps and map ancient Saigon power lines before. The phone booth is here are very nicely designed.

In the afternoon, the post office is the ideal place to take pictures of each picture angle oblique sunlight streaks through the glass panel looks very romantic.

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