Hoi An – honeymooners’ heaven

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Sublimated emotions and exciting feelings are what any couples want to enjoy in lovely days of their honeymoon. To have the most awesome holiday of your whole life, which destinations will you choose to send your love to your lover? With the peaceful atmosphere and fresh air, Hoi An, which is a small and quiet yet romantic town ideal for honeymooners, is a must go destination in Asia.

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Hoi An – honeymooners’ heaven
Hoi An – honeymooners’ heaven-source: www.originaltravel.co.uk

With tasty foods, friendly locals, ancient houses and quiet streets, Hoi An, which has romantic and quiet charm, deserves to be ranked as one of the most perfect destination for honeymoon in Vietnam. In addition, you two could also make your love sublimated by immersing your own in the fresh turquoise water of the amazing Cua Dai Beach. The full moon day is said to be the best time to visit Hoi An. Visiting Hoi An during this time, you can see no electronic lights but burn on lanterns. Indeed, Hoi An is also an ideal destination for romantic, historical and cultural getaway. As you will find almost no traffic and pollution out there, walking on the old heritage town of Hoi An is really a unique experience. Let’s check out some of the most interesting things to do in during your holiday of honeymoon in Hoi An!

Stunning street food

Hoi An’s street food
Hoi An’s street food-source: bitesandbourbon.com

When it comes to Hoi An travel, stunning street food is one of the most impressive things. Hoi An never fails at satisfying tourists’ taste thanks to a wide variety of snacks ready for your couple to savor at affordable prices. And whilst trying the exotic and delicious street food in the ancient town of Hoi An, do not miss to mingle with local people to know more about Hoi An’s culture. You may get addicted to the excitement of finding and tasting unfamiliar food and want to try it over again. In Hoi An, you can find a significant number of restaurants lying along the river. The view is well worthwhile although having a dinner there might be a little bit expensive. South Vietnam travel

Walking around the old town

Hoi An Ancient Town
Hoi An Ancient Town-source: www.theblondtravels.com

It is a good idea to make your honeymoon in Vietnam more unforgettable by discovering the ancient town of Hoi An, one of the most romantic UNESCO heritage sites today. In daylight, you can watch sailing boats passing and docking by the river or walk by the serene streets. While at night, you can feel more amazed at a romantic moment carved out by the hundreds of lanterns hanging beautifully along streets for your couple to remember. Among most of accommodation, which is simply and warm, you can still find some boasting the finest river views of the ancient town. The antiques stores as well as the exhibits of galleries which used to be houses of Japanese and Chinese merchants in the past are what you should not miss to admire.

Romantic sunset dinner cruise

Romantic sunset dinner cruise
Romantic sunset dinner cruise-source: getmyboat.com

Without a romantic dinner on a cruise to contemplate incredible sunset, a honeymoon in Vietnam cannot be perfect. It is no doubt that it one of most amazing activities. Also, do not skip tasting savory dishes on your cruise whilst experiencing the majestic views of Thu Bon River and Hoai River and watching the sun gradually go down and local fishermen return ashore when the cruise sails along tranquil rivers.

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