How to buy and use Vietnam SIM card in 2024

Vietnam is becoming one of the hotspot for travelers all around the world; not only thanks to its magnificent landscape and rich culture but also because of the rational cost from airfares, accommodation, food, etc. Nowadays, just by one click with your laptop or simply by using your smart phone, all guidance how to visit this small Southeast Asia country will come to your hands as a piece of cake.

Today, we will share tips for buying and using Vietnam SIM Card 2023; hopefully, this will be noted in your travelling plan in the near future.

Where to get a Vietnam Sim Card

Understanding the need of foreign travellers to stay in touch with their family and friends from home or update information as well as photos and videos regularly on social media while travelling, many places in Vietnam are providing a SIM card service that you can easily see the signboard “SIM Card” everywhere. From the moment you land at a Vietnam airport, to the hotels/hostels or souvenir shops, local grocery stores, it is an effortless thing to do.

However, it is no longer the case now since the Vietnamese Government has reinforced the law recently. In order to buy a Vietnam SIM card and actually use it, a traveller needs to register with his/her personal information with the mobile providers. It means that a passport is required to activate their Vietnam SIM card.


You can find similar signs everywhere on the streets
You can find similar signs everywhere on the streets

As a result of new law in Vietnam, it is advisable that you buy SIM card directly at the providers’ official stores. Then, the staff can support you with the registration process which might take only from 5 to 10 minutes. In this process, travelers do not need to sign any contract or term, just simply register your information. In fact, SIM cards are not forbidden to sell outside regardless of the strict rule of using it; as many sellers can pre-register the SIM card with someone else’s identity. These pre-activated SIMs can be used but they are likely to be shut down any time because it is not officially signed up. Hence, if you buy SIM from unofficial places, make sure it is already in use. Otherwise, find a nearby mobile supplier store to do the registration.


Official store of Viettel phone line
Official store of Viettel phone line

Reliable providers for a good SIM card

There are 4 main internet operators in Vietnam such as Viettel, Vinaphone, Mobifone and Vietnamobile. 2G, 3G and 4G plans are available on all networks. It is announced by Vietnam Government that in 2019, 5G will be experimented.

Viettel Vietnam

The top rated name among mobile and internet providers which must be mentioned is Viettel; owned by the Vietnamese Army and has the largest network. This company provides stable signals even in rural areas from North to South. Hence, for many travelers, this is definitely a top choice when choosing their Vietnam sim card. You can also use Viettel in Cambodia and Laos without roaming charges. 

There are many prepaid packages/plans. However, it specially created 4 plans only for travelers coming to Vietnam only for a short period of time. They are also very easy to use. Tourist voice plan offers Voice, SMS and Data and Tourist data plan offers Data only for smartphones, tablets, USB 3G.


Viettel SIM card
Viettel SIM card

Tourist SIM of Viettel has the values of 100,000VND, 200,000VND, 300,000VND and 500,000VND. Based on your need and length of time, you can choose an appropriate SIM card. For example, the 125,000VND SIM Card will provide you with 3.5GB of Data, 35 minutes of domestic call. It is valid for 7 days

Vinaphone Vietnam

The second biggest internet operator in Vietnam is Vinaphone. In big cities, the Vinaphone SIM card brings you excellent speed and reliable signal as well as in other parts of the country. Similar to Viettel, this company has introduced the Vinaphone SIM card for tourists. The Vinaphone SIM card price is 199,000VND. Using this plan, you can have 50 minutes of domestic calls, 50 minutes of international calls, 50 texts, 1GB per day for 15 days.


Vinaphone SIM card
Vinaphone SIM card

Mobifone Vietnam

Mobifone is the third largest mobile supplier. Still, this provider is less preferred compared to Viettel and Vinaphone as a result of not so stable connection in rural areas. If you only need your phone to stay connected in big cities, Mobifone is still a good option. Otherwise, you should not consider this as a priority. 

They provide tourists with a special SIM which is called “Happy tourist” with the price 200,000VND. When using this package, you will be offered up to 70 minutes of call, 30 SMS to either local or international numbers and 3GB of data with validity up to 60 days


Vietnamobile is the smallest operator in the list. It offers strong connection in big cities but struggles in rural area. Obviously, if you have plan to travel to different parts of Vietnam including the mountainous areas or further island, you should purchase other brands for better signal. They also have tourist SIM you can easily buy, for 65,000VND (data only with 5 GB valid for 30 days), 125,000VND (50 minutes of international call, unlimited Vietnamobile on – net call and SMS for 7 days) and 250,000VND (120 minutes of international call, unlimited Vietnamobile on – net call and SMS for 14 days.

Top-up card

In order to top up your SIM, you can literately buy new cards everywhere, which is easier than buying a SIM for all internet providers. Credit values are available for 10,000VND, 20,000VND, 50,000VND, 100,000VND, 200,000VND and 500,000VND.


A top up card of Mobifone - Vietnam SIM card
A top up card of Mobifone

In general, coming to Vietnam, Indochina Voyages – one of the best Vietnam tour companies highly recommend travelers to take advantage of the cheap price when buying Vietnam SIM card with great value. Just paying around US$10, you will stay connected with your phone everywhere in Vietnam!

Drop a message if you need any  help, we are always here to assist you!


Minh Vu – Travel Specialist

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