Inle Lake is known as the heaven on Myanmar land

Inle (or Inlay) in Myanmar language means large lake, which is located in the central of Shan State, about 40 km from the south of Taung-kyi. The lake is located about 889 meters above sea level, surrounded by high mountains, and covers an area of 220 km². The deepest of lake is about 6 m, the seasonal variation of water between the dry season on May and the full water season on August is about 1.2 m. Travel and explore Inle Lake with: Indochina tours Myanmar


Boats on Inle Lake in Myanmar
Boats on Inle Lake in Myanmar – source: internet

Experiencing the beauty and special activities in Inle Lake

Inle Lake is not only the beauty of nature, but also the home of the Inthar minor ethnic minority in Myanmar. Inthar in Myanmar language means “lake-dweller”. Thousands of years ago, Inle Lake was home to all the social activities of the Inthar people.

The people of Inthar live completely on the lake surface. They build houses and buildings on the lake. The great Intharic initiative is that they cultivate the plants on the water by making floating cages from the coral moss, which is fixed by bamboo trees down the lake. Thus, these “floating fields” will rise and fall according to the water level in the lake.

The most common plant of the Inthar is tomato, planted on the Inle Lake, which is a specialty of the place. Myanmar people often say the word “to Inle without eating tomato salad is considered never been to Inle”. When girls reach the age of getting married, parents often cut for a few floating cages as dowry for cultivation. Apart from cultivation, the Inthar are still alive from fishing in the lake.

In the sunrise in the the East, the scene of Inthar fishermen go fishing and rowing a boat by one leg in a small boat, has become a typical cultural feature of the lake. Inle Lake not only attracts tourists with pristine beauty, and close-to-nature resorts, but also the destination of many tourists who want to learn about a cultural area with a long history. Tours in Myanmar


Inthar fishermen go fishing by one leg in the sunrise
Inthar fishermen go fishing by one leg in the sunrise- source: internet

At present, the south of Inle Lake is still a land like Bagan in Shan State. It is the ancient imperial city remaining with its brick architecture in the 11th century, which once was the capital of the Shan emperor, or the cultural beauties of ethnic minorities such as Padaung – long neck ethnic group.

If tourists have walked all the corner of Inle Lake, they cannot miss the spectacular sunset. An orange light from the corner of the sky gradually dives down, brightening the whole sky, making the scene becomes sparkling and fanciful, making visitors fall in love for this peaceful and romantic space. Bringing some food with the music and enjoying those brilliant moments with friends is always an unforgettable memory.

Riding on the Red Mountain, which is famous for vineyard and winemaking location of the country, is an enjoyable experience for visitors. Visitors have opportunity to feel comfortable under a big tree, watch the whole Inle Lake from above, enjoy a glass of wine in the cool sky, making many people feel like a peaceful countryside in France.


Sipping wine at the Red Mountain in Myanmar
Sipping wine at the Red Mountain in Myanmar – source: internet

Take the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sceneries, and unchanged identity of cultural life of the Intha resident, which are living in Inle Lake.

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