International children day in 2017

Though in fact, some countries have declared other days for children. For example, in Thailand, it is the Second Saturday of January; or to people living in New Zealand, the first Sunday of March is the day celebrating the future generation of this country. However, the First of June has been the most suitable day for kids in more than 30 countries over the world, like Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom or Finland. Therefore, in this article, the First of June will imply the International Children’s day. To get more option for children day, you can click: Tours on Indochina

Happy future generation
Happy future generation- source: internet

What do you do with your angels on that day? Do you do something special? I bet that almost all people want the best things for their kids. As a result, it is undeniable that the first day of June will be more memorable than the other days of the month. But amongst my friends, who have been new parents, not many of them know what to do with their kids to make the day more fun and meaningful. Here are some ideas and I hope that the list will be helpful for you.

  1. Making a show

When I studied in Melbourne, I lived with a very lovely Australian family. Every weekend, the members of my host family would gather together and play some music. At that time, Lloydy, the grandson of my host mother, was just 4 years old and begun studying how to play piano and other musical instruments. To encourage his love of music, my host mother often held some little concerts at home. Usually, the audiences of the show were often his parents, his aunt, his grand mum and me. However, on a special Sunday morning, we had decided to throw him a music party with the attendance of many people, the kids in our neighborhood, his classmates and offspring of our friends. The concert was a huge success. It was fun, creative, and memorable.

Different from the ones held in schools, on that party, the kids just did what they wanted, not what they were prepared for. They sang the songs they loved, they jumped when they wanted, they moved their bodies along with the music. There were a lot of laughs, flowers and lights. I think it was very great though to be honest, it was a little bit messy and tidying up was not a fun job.

So, I think, maybe, you can hold a small party for your kids, do what they love to do. If your kids love books, a book party will be wonderful idea. If they are big fans of Disney princesses and princes, a fairy tale costume party will be a fabulous option.

Traveling with them

Go camping
Go camping- source: internet

No parents want their children entering life without some essential life skills such as team work, listening skill or problem-solving skill.  Teaching them these skills is absolutely necessary, if you want your kids to be independent citizens in future. So why not on International children day, the whole family will have a short vacation or go camping together. This activity will be a wonderful chance to help your kids practice these skills and have a great memory at the same time.

Playing with water in Laos
Playing with water in Laos- source: internet

Travelling with them to different countries might also add some interesting tastes in your life. You and your best partners will discover a new land together; your kids will understand the difference between cultures and people. They can also learn how to adjust to a new environment, accept risks and work with others to address the issues. Travelling will enrich your kid’s life, even if they are just infants. For instance, my little daughter remembers the sea, the waves, and the salty breezes clearly, even 6 months after the days I took her to beach.

Therefore, I think it is one of the best ways to celebrate International Children Day with your kids. And if you are interested in visiting Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia; maybe one of my friends can help you. They run some interesting tours and they are very reliable and friendly. You can contact Indochina tours Vietnam

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