Is it wise to travel to Vietnam in June? Places to visit & Travel tips

Whether you are after long sandy beaches, Vietnam’s culture, and peaceful countryside or a passionate street foodie, or a nature lover, June still offers a favorable time for traveling in Vietnam even though the weather may vary across different regions. The central part of the country experiences peak temperatures and enjoys dry and sunny conditions. In the south, the wet season is in full swing, characterized by daily downpours that typically occur in the afternoon. As for the north, it is fully immersed in summer, featuring high temperatures and regular rainfall. At this time, rain is spreading across the northern mountains and Central Highlands, making it an opportune time to consider a beach vacation, especially since visitor numbers are at their lowest point of the year.

Vietnam June’s weather by region

Vietnam weather in June
Vietnam weather in June by region

North Vietnam 

In June, North Vietnam experiences the height of summer, with high temperatures and a mix of rainfall. The weather in the northern region can be quite warm, with average temperatures ranging from 28 to 35 degrees Celsius. However, it is important to note that rain showers are also common during this time, as the region is well into its summer monsoon season. It is advisable to be prepared for occasional downpours and consider carrying a light rain jacket or umbrella while exploring the northern parts of Vietnam in June.

Central Vietnam

The central part of Vietnam is the best part of Vietnam to visit in June. Despite the onset of the summer monsoon season, the coastal lowlands of Central Vietnam experience dry and sunny weather during this time. This means you can enjoy beautiful beaches, explore vibrant cities like Da Nang, Nha Trang, the charms of Hoian and indulge in the rich cultural heritage of Hue without being hindered by excessive rainfall. Additionally, the central beaches tend to have fewer tourists in June, allowing for a more peaceful and relaxed travel experience.

South Vietnam

In June, the southern part of Vietnam experiences the wet season, which brings increased rainfall and higher humidity levels. Daily downpours are common, typically occurring in the afternoon or evening. While the weather may not be ideal for some travelers, it can still be convenient for certain types of travel experiences.

If you don’t mind occasional rain showers and prefer fewer crowds, June can be a good time to visit the south of Vietnam. While the wet season in the south may not be the most convenient for all types of travel, it can still offer its own distinct advantages, such as lower tourist numbers and the opportunity to witness the region’s natural beauty in a different side. The lush green landscapes that emerge after the rain can add a unique charm to your travel experience.

How is the crowd and cost for visiting Vietnam in June?

At that time, Vietnam generally experiences lower tourist numbers compared to other times of the year. This is primarily due to the weather conditions, as it coincides with the wet season in many parts of the country. The combination of increased rainfall and higher humidity levels often deters some travelers from visiting during this time.

The lower tourist numbers in June can be advantageous if you are seeking a more relaxed and less crowded experience. You may find it easier to explore popular attractions, navigate through cities, and secure accommodations at discounted rates. It’s a time when you can potentially enjoy a quieter and more authentic interaction with the local culture.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that some tourist activities, particularly those related to outdoor adventures, may be limited or affected by the weather. It’s advisable to plan your itinerary with a travel expert from best Southeast Asia tour companies.

Regarding costs, visiting Vietnam in June can often offer some savings. With fewer tourists, there is increased competition among hotels, resorts, and tour operators, which may result in lower prices and special offers. You may find discounted rates on accommodations, flights, and even activities during this period. It’s a great opportunity to experience Vietnam’s beauty and culture while potentially keeping your travel expenses in check.

Overall, to answer the question “Is Vietnam good to visit in June?“, I must say it depends. If you don’t mind the possibility of rain and prefer a more tranquil travel experience, Vietnam is still good to visit in June. It will be a favorable choice due to the lower crowds and potential cost savings.

Best places to visit in Vietnam in June

Looking for more ideas on where to visit in Vietnam in June? To make the most of your precious days off, let’s kickstart your summer travel planning with our June travel picks!

Hanoi – where culture is the main draw

The capital of Vietnam should be on the list of top cities to visit this summer, which is no surprise – considering a wealth of national history, historical sites and landmarks together with its scrollable Old Quarter and uncountable culinary delights. Culture is the main draw: from pho, bánh mì, bún chả cuisine to the stunning architecture of Hanoi Old Quarter – the mingling between ancient oriental architectural designs and French architecture.

Hanoi – where culture is the main draw
Hanoi – where culture is the main draw

For those who want to check out the vivid image of Hanoi, the pedestrian-friendly Old Quarter full of eclectic shops, as well as high-quality restaurants. Moreover, Vietnam’s capital is also regarded as the birthplace of some of the best Vietnamese cuisine. If you want to shop, head to Dong Xuan market, which offers a mix of local produce and mouthwatering, well-prepared street food.

Halong Bay – outdoor enthusiasts’ heaven

There is no wrong time to visit Halong Bay – the best choice for those who are looking mainly to relax in the sun rather than explore a city. The pride of all Vietnamese people, Halong Bay is considered as one of the world’s most impressive natural wonders and often recognized by reputable travel magazines as one of the most exotic vacation destinations on the planet, and why not?

Kayaking in Halong Bay
Kayaking in Halong Bay

The timeless travel destination in Northern Vietnam is home to some 1,600 islands and islets with breathtaking scenery and a perpetually nice tropical climate. Come June, temperatures are near-perfect with 8 sunshine hours. In addition, the water temperature of around 27 degrees Celsius and the calmest surf in a year allow you to stay active in the water comfortably for the extended period. What can be better than enjoying Halong Bay’s long sunny days, warm waters, and gentle breezes before the summer’s scorching heat in July?

Mai Chau or Pu Luong for breathtaking rice fields

Visiting Pu Luong and Mai Chau in June can offer unique experiences, but it’s important to be aware of the weather conditions during this time. Since these two areas located in the northern part of Vietnam, are in the midst of the wet season. This means that there is a higher chance of rain and increased humidity levels.

However, despite the rain, these regions maintain their natural beauty and have their own charm to offer. One of the most notable features of this region is its vast and stunning rice fields.

The harvest season in Pu Luong
The stunning rice terraces in Pu Luong

Pu Luong Nature Reserve is known for its stunning rice terraces, and ethnic minority communities. In June, you can expect the scenery to be vibrant and captivating, with the rain adding to the overall appeal. The waterfalls in the area also become more powerful and impressive during this season.

Mai Chau is another picturesque destination known for its scenic valleys and traditional stilt houses. In June, the rice fields turn a golden shade of yellow creating stunning views.

Overall, the landscapes may be more dramatic and the tourist crowds are generally lower during this time, which allows for a more serene and authentic experience.

Hue – a city of cultural heritage

The dry and hot season of Hue typically lasts from May to September. During this time, you can expect warm temperatures and lower chances of rainfall compared to the wet season. Even with the hot temperature you can comfortably visit the historical sites, take leisurely walks along the Perfume River, and enjoy the city’s attractions without the concern of rain showers.

With less rainfall, the skies in Hue tend to be clearer during the dry season. This can enhance the visibility and views of the city’s landmarks, such as the Imperial City and the tombs.

hue citadel
The peaceful beauty of Hue in June

You should be aware that the rainy season in Hue lasting from October and November is characterized by frequent rain showers, sometimes heavy, as well as overcast skies. While the rainy season can bring occasional challenges, it also has its own unique charm.

Hoi An Ancient Town – an ideal place to stroll aimlessly

Pedestrian-friendly streets and amazing architecture make Hoi An Ancient Town an ideal place to stroll aimlessly. Moreover, among foodies, Hoi An has been gaining its reputation as a hot spot. The lovely town offers more awesome dishes than any other place in our country. On your Indochina tour, make sure to sample cao lầu, cơm hến (mussel rice), cơm gà (chicken rice), thịt nướng bánh tráng (grilled pork with rice paper), etc.

walking in hoi an
Strolling aimlessly around Hoi An town

Nha Trang – a balance of urban and beach environments

In spite of being many and various, Nha Trang’s beaches share its laid-back vibe and great temperatures all year round. Come June, the allure of Nha Trang is irresistible: a balance of urban and beach environments with the access to the freshest seafood and local produce making the culinary offerings second to none, the square red brick structure with protruding support frames and tapering roofs of the Po Nagar Cham towers, and local produce at the bustling, hustling Xom Moi Market. Therefore, it is not surprising that the beach city made it to a spot on the list of best part of Vietnam to visit in June!

Nha Trang beach
Let the tropical paradise of Nha Trang Beach work its magic on your mind

But Nha Trang is not just for lovers; it is also one of the most popular destinations for families in our nation, especially in June. It is the end of another school year when multi-gen travelers make a beeline for its cool waters, snorkeling, surf, underwater life, and laid-back lifestyle. You can take a look at our blog about 15+ Things to do in Nha Trang – How to escape the tourist trap? to have an overview and find what activities you want to put in your travel list.

Ho Chi Minh City – where to find something for everyone when travel to Vietnam

Whether you are seeking relaxation or adventure, Ho Chi Minh City offers things to do for everyone – from haggling for bargains in the markets to riding a motorbike by yourself.

Ho Chi Minh City has something for everyone
Ho Chi Minh City has something for everyone

Vietnam is a great destination to visit all year round, but if you’re looking to avoid the crowds and enjoy the dry season, June is a great time to travel. To help plan your trip, we suggest checking out a list of Vietnam tour packages that offer a variety of experiences and durations (from 1 to 3 weeks). This will give you an overview of what’s available and help you plan your itinerary. Whether you’re interested in cultural sights, natural beauty, or adventure activities, there’s something for everyone in Vietnam.

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