Which islands you choose to visit in Thailand

Thailand is famous for beautiful beaches and islands which are ideal places for tourists wanting to explore the beauty of ocean. Each island has it own beauty. So, which islands in Thailand is fit you best. Here are our recommendations for your choice.

Koh Phi Phi –  for single traveler or traveling alone

If you enjoy the holiday alone or with some single friends, Koh Phi Phi is the place for you. With so many exciting activities such as diving, jumping from cliffs, sailing, going and visiting the surrounding islands, Koh Phi Phi attracts young tourists who are full of energy and ready to join parties. Daytime is your time to sunbathe, swim and explore anything while night is when you can go shopping or visit a bar on the coast to enjoy Thai artists’ performances. Indochina holidays Thailand

Take part in exciting activities at Koh Phi Phi
Take part in exciting activities at Koh Phi Phi

Koh Lipe –  for romantic couples enjoying honeymoon

This island is appreciated as the most beautiful beaches of Thailand. Koh Lipe is one of the 51 islands that make up the Tarutao aquatic park close to the Malaysia’s border. The island owns perfect beaches and luxurious hotels. This place is a ideal island for couples holding hands and going around exploring the landscape.

Wonderful atmosphere to enjoy honeymoon
Wonderful atmosphere to enjoy honeymoon

Koh Lanta – for those who can not decide where to go

Koh Lanta includes a large number of small islands of which Koh Lanta Yai is the best – known island. This place has the nature reserve and the beach that you can hardly find elsewhere. Even young children can be accompanied by you because the island is safe and sound and totally has no rough seas. If you want to participate in all activities, the Koh Lanta is exactly where you are looking for. Tours in Thailand

A perfect choice for Koh Lanta
A perfect choice for Koh Lanta

Koh Samui – for family vacation

Koh Samui has known for a long time as a destination for couples on honeymoon travel, but it is also a great place to bring your kids to enjoy a family vacation. The island has developed to the extent that exists international hospitals where doctors communicate in English, hotels with babysitting service and even shops selling anything else you forget to bring. When the kids got bored of playing on the beach, take them to see the waterfall, visit the butterfly garden, go elephant zoo, race car toy or even go to the movies.

Koh Samui, a great destination for family vacation
Koh Samui, a great destination for family vacation

Koh Tao – for those who love diving

On the Koh Tao coast known as Turtle Island lie a hail of dive shops. Most tourists come here to dive, therefore, the prices in the shops are also quite competitive. Koh Tao is also where you can begin to learn diving and getting certification from professional diving association. Normally, a diving course takes about 4 days. The guides can teach in many different. Even if you do not come here to dive, the nightlife in the island still makes you enjoy.

Phuket – for those who want to enjoy luxury life

Luxury Phuket supplies all the facilities for tourists. The restaurants with superstar chefs and 6 – star resorts with staffs professionally trained are always available. This place is also well – known for cosmetic surgery centers qualified by international standards. If you have any requirement for luxuries, go to Phuket to get more attentive services.

 The luxury beauty of Phuket
The luxury beauty of Phuket

Koh Si Chang – for short-term tour

If you only have a few days in Thailand and visiting all islands is probably impossible, you have another choice for one or two day Koh Si Chang tour. This island is a great place to escape the crowded streets full of smoke and dust of Bangkok and look for this green island. Peaceful and mostly natives living, Koh Si Chang is a worthwhile for you to find the relaxing moments on the beach within a short time.

Koh Pha Ngan – for those who love parties

Famous for the full moon party at the beach at Haad Rin Dawn, Koh Pha Ngan is where the guests prefer parties. Each season, more than 20,000 tourists travel to the island to join dancing party under the full moon. Besides, black moon party and banquet moon party also await you. Currently, the island has its own airport, so the visit and the party are no longer a difficult thing for visitors.

If you prefer more recommendations, contact with us to find your best reasonable tour.

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