Kanthaya beach in Myanmar, a perfect place for travelers

Kanthaya Beach in Myanmar is on the Bay of Bengal in Rakhine State. It is about 100 km (60 miles) south of the better-known Ngapali Beach. The official name in English “Pleasant Beach” is a direct translation of the Myanmar name. And it is the most suitable one as the place is indeed very pleasant with all the natural beauties of unspoiled nature.


Unspoit Kanthaya Beach in Myanmar
Unspoiled Kanthaya Beach in Myanmar

Kanthaya Beach’s natural beauty

Absolutely pristine and quiet, Kanthaya beach with yellow sand mixed gravel will get you a private space to enjoy comfort and escape from the noisy urban. Kanthaya Beach in Myanmar is unspoiled and undeveloped. You are not even able to book a hotel in advance. But it should not be difficult to find a room in this little known locale – in the nearby village, as the beach’s only hotel has closed. This is the Myanmar beach to hit in your Indochina tours if you really want to get away from development.


Beautiful beach
Beautiful beach

There were no services for modern sporty games or big shops on the beach. You will only enjoy the complete serene and pure the pristine beach has to offer. Kanthaya Beach really is the ideal choice in Myanmar tours for those who want to have new experience with pristine beaches that have not had any human impact. You can refresh your mind on the untouched natural paradises.

Kanthaya or “Pleasant Beach’’ is the area of stunning natural beauty where people come to relax and get an authentic taste of coastal life.


Nice view
Nice view

Kathaya Beach’s attractions

Among its main attractions are the offshore islands and reefs that can be visited by boat; many types of tropical birds that can be spotted from the beach; the mouth-watering range of local seafood, which you can see being hauled from boats by local fishermen; the oriental style of the local huts and houses with their hand-woven mat walls. Of all the beaches in Myanmar (Burma), Kanthaya provides the best insight into the country’s coastal life.

You can walk along the 4.5 kilometer beach with its golden sand, climb small hills and watch for birds, or even ask local fishermen. They are simple and honest, to one of the small islands off of the shore. A true hideaway from modern civilization.
It is an ideal place for people who would like to get away from tourists and can do without comfort.

Kanthaya near Ngapali beach is a highlight in tours to Myanmar 12 days for those who love to get tan and have exiting moment on the beach.

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