Ko Phra Thong island

Ko Phra Thong is an island in Khura Buri district, Phang Nga Province, southernThailand in the Andaman Sea. It has an area of 88 km² and is separated from the mainland by a seven metre deep canal.

Very turquoise beach
Very turquoise beach

In Thai, Phra Thong means golden Buddha. According to a local legend a valuable solid gold Buddha image was buried on the island hundreds of years ago.

It has long uninhabited beaches, fringed by coconut palms. The island boasts pristine, deserted golden sand beaches, fringed by coconut trees, translucent waters and coral reefs just off shore. There have always been a number of special natural features of Ko Phra Thong Island. It fronts onto over eight kilometres of beach on the Andaman Sea and, in addition, over six kilometres of beach on a beautiful bay containing small picturesque islands with rocks and coral for snorkelling. Indochina tours

Picturesque scenery
Picturesque scenery

Nowadays, the island benefits from being one of Thailand’s last unspoiled coastal locations. With over 15km of largely uninhabited white sandy beaches, Koh Phra Thong is an ideal choice for those who are really looking to get away from it all. Koh Phra Thong is the closest land mass to the Surin Islands which hosts a multitude of colourful tropical fish species and the broadest diversity of hard coral in Thailand.

Nearer still is Richelieu Rock, Thailand’s best scuba diving location and considered a world top ten dive site. Richelieu has regular visits from graceful manta rays and elusive whale sharks.

In addition to its fine beaches, Ko Phra Thong has large mangrove swamps and wide, open stretches of savannah teaming with wildlife. Birdlife is especially rich with over a hundred species having been sighted on the island. This island hosts a number of important eco-systems. These include areas of mangrove forest, seagrass and coral reef. The sea holds a wealth of biodiversity with the beaches being protected for turtle nesting. Tours in Thailand

Peaceful field
Peaceful field

Totally unique not only in Thailand but all of Southeast Asia, visitors to Ko Phra Thong often remark that the landscape looks strikingly similar to the savannahs of Africa, except that it’s sand lizards and kingfishers that roam rather than lions and gazelles. Covered in brilliant white sandy dunes with fields of long grasses and peeling trees, the landscape of Ko Phra Thong is indeed fascinating, especially given how different it is from the lush, mountainous terrains of nearby Ko Ra and the mainland.

Koh Phra Thong is an ideal choice for those seeking an ‘off the beaten track’ Thai Island.

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