Explore Ko Tarutao marine national park – a jewel of Thailand

Heading for one of the most exquisite and unspoilt regions in all of Thailand, do not forget to set your foot on miracle Ko Tarutao Marine National Park, which encompasses 51 islands covered with well-preserved virgin rainforest teeming with fauna, and surrounded by healthy coral reefs and radiant beaches. Once coming there, travellers should grab this great chance to enjoy,discover and immerse yourself in this most wonderful island ever!

Amazing Ko Tarutao
Amazing Ko Tarutao

“Tarutao” origins from Malay words, which means old, mysterious and primitive, and today retains these qualities even though it’s been bisected by a long path of blazing white concrete. The history of Tarutao is tied to the history of democracy in Thailand. As the legend goes, a prison was constructed on Tarutao Island. During the Second World War, due to lack of supplies, both prisoners and guards became a much feared group of pirates. After the war the British Naval Troops restored order and the Corrections Department closed down the prison. Villagers from nearby provinces settled on Tarutao Island to cultivate rice, fruit and rubber. In 1972 the National Park was declared, and most settlers where relocated. Sea gypsies where the original inhabitants of the waters in the Andaman Sea, moving from beach to beach depending on season and the availability of food.

Full of sea animals
Full of sea animals

Perhaps more than anywhere in Thailand, Ko Tarutao is a heaven for various types of animals. Sea turtles, whales, monitor lizards, crab-eating macaques, mouse deer, and countless species of birds all call the island and its surrounding waters home. It’s not the optimal place for snorkelling since the water is murky compared to other Andaman islands, but for most, the clean and expansive whitesand beaches, diverse wildlife, waterfalls, caves, hiking and views more than compensate.

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