Koh Rong island, Cambodian paradise

Most people know Cambodia for its mysterious temple Angkor with a unique architecture but in reality Cambodia also attracts many tourists by the beautiful beaches located on Koh Rong Island. Located in Koh Rong Province, about 25 kilometers off the Sihanoukville’s coast in the Gulf of Thailand; Koh Rong Island is the most famous island in Cambodia.

Beautified with clear emerald beaches, white sand and sunshine, the paradise island Koh Rong has mesmerized many people to go there on their holidays.

The paradise island- Koh Rong Island
The paradise island- Koh Rong Island

Koh Rong Island still remains relatively undisturbed with the gorgeous beaches and the pristine tropical forests surrounding. Here, you can go hiking, climb to explore Koh Rong’s jungles. Get ready for shady hours under jungle’s canopy, hug mighty mahogany trees to spot these wild animals such as: Macaws, Toucans, Fishing Eagle, King Fisher, reptiles, great variety of insects and more. Indochina tours Cambodia

One of the most popular activities at Koh Rong Island is snorkeling and scuba diving. Snorkeling and scuba diving here thrives because of the area’s favourable topographical features. And several small islets and many reefs provide an abundance of natural environment for a great variety of marine life-perfect for a spontaneous snorkel side trip. For those who are interested in sea and sun bathing, it is also an ideal place to get tanned.

 Geogeous beach at Koh Rong Island
Geogeous beach at Koh Rong Island

According to the experience of many tourists, you should stay at Koh Rong overnight, so you will have more time to explore the attractions of the island and especially bungalows(mini hotel rooms) there. They are diverse in shape, size, extremely loving and romantic. You will have a great holiday with your lover or your friends. Tours in Cambodia

The lovely bungalows at Koh Rong Island
The lovely bungalows at Koh Rong Island

It is a life in paradise passing all day long with many interesting activities includes bathing, diving, snorkeling, etc. The beauty of Koh Rong Island can soothe tourists’ souls, send them into a state of relaxation and melt their cares away.

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