Magnificent island – Koh Thmei Cambodia

Mysterious temple Angkor with a unique architecture is what most people think first about when referring to Cambodia. But in reality it also attracts both local and foreign tourists by its beautiful islands, one of which is Koh Thmei Cambodia.

Situated about 27 kilometres to the southeast of downtown of Sihanoukville, Koh Thmei Island is part of the Ream National Park; and one of the most famous beaches in Cambodia. Stretching approximately eight kilometers in length and seven kilometers at its widest point, Koh Thmei Cambodia is an isolate island; completely uninhabited and has only one place to stay – Koh Thmei Resort. Indochina tours Cambodia


Koh Thmei Cambodia
Koh Thmei Cambodia

If you want to enjoy fresh air and have a great opportunity of discovering natural, ordinary beauty of the nature Koh Thmei Island is exactly where you want to pay a visit. It is because on this island there are no modern entertaining and tourism services offered.


Koh Thmei Resort
Koh Thmei Resort

Going to Koh Thmei Cambodia, you seem to get away from the bustling and busy daily life. You can have yourself relaxed in very beautiful scenery and endless ocean. Cambodia travel packages

On this island, these friendly-to-environment wooden houses with giant solar panels provide this island with enough electrical power all day long. Those make it different from the other. The small number of bungalows right on the beach offers a spectacular view of the sea and the surrounding islands. Admiring stunning views while walking around the beach where there are several beautiful shells; or going for a walk in evergreen jungle is also good way to refresh yourself.


Stunning shells
Stunning shells

Being so calm that the visibility is clear enough to see the seabed even you float meters above, the sandy long beach has many advantages to offer great opportunity for swimming as well as snorkeling. When being under the water, shoals of small fish and lumps of brown corals passing by are what you can see.

You have no reason to keep yourself indoor; because this beautiful island offers you many interesting things outside to discover. They might be beautiful beaches, stunning coral reefs and a large number kinds of beautiful birds existing on Koh Thmei Cambodia.

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