Let’s see Saigon through its unique cuisine

In soul of travel lovers, Saigon is considered as a city without night. The reason is very simple. From the aurora to the middle night, Saigon still stays an active and busy life. At the age of 300, Saigon has never been older like a sentence in a song: “My city is too young”. Certainly, Saigon is active in not only economic development but also diverse culture. Lets’s explore cuisine in Saigon with: Travel Vietnam and Indochina

Every year, millions of tourists come to this city to explore not only famous places of interest, ancient churches, shopping centers but also unique cuisine. It can be said that Saigon is really a focus place of special food in many regions. Delicious food is served in restaurants, in small lanes, especially on street. All of them have their own taste which you can’t forget if having enjoyed once. Therefore, this summer, in your journey to Saigon, let’s see this beautiful city through its unique cuisine.

Com Tam Saigon (Saigon Broken Steamed Rice)


Mentioning Saigon, the first dish anyone can remember is Saigon Broken Steamed Rice. This is such a popular dish that local people eat it every day, even at every meal. In other places in Vietnam, you can also find many restaurants serving this kind of food. However, nowhere it has special taste like that in Saigon. The main ingredients of Com Tam are broken steamed rice, BBQ pork chop, shredded pork, Cha, Gio and so on.

To enjoy the most delicious broken steamed rice, you can visit a restaurant at 113 Nguyen Phi Khanh, district no. 1. This is one of the most well- known places for Com Tam in Saigon. Tourists love Com Tam here because of crab roll and baked spring roll. They are grilled crunchily and very deliciously. Moreover, steamed rice is also very tasty. However, this restaurant only opens from 6 am to 1 pm. The average price is 35,000 Vietnam dong per set.

Mixed rice paper- the highlight of Saigon street food

You have to try mixed rice paper when visiting Saigon
You have to try mixed rice paper when visiting Saigon- source: internet

Mixed rice paper is one of the most delicious snacks in Ho Chi Minh. In past, it was sold in small vendors on street. Nowadays, because of high demand of customers, it is served even in big restaurant. However, if you want to enjoy the true taste, we still suggest you to try mixed rice paper in small vendors. The main ingredients of this dish are teared rice paper, fried chopped onion, oil, peanuts, quail eggs, dried beef, mango and many kinds of herbs. Each of places has its own small change to make it become unique. Vietnam travel packages

The price for a bag of mixed rice paper is about 10,000 Vietnam dong to 15,000 Vietnam dong. A wonderful suggestion for you is Mixed Rice Paper Mr. Vien. This is one of the oldest vendors in Saigon which serve this dish. At weekend or holiday time, maybe you queue and wait for a long time to have a bag. However, it is really worthy because mixed rice paper here is very tasty.

Grilled Banh My with salt and pepper

Grilled Banh My with salt and pepper has unique taste
Grilled Banh My with salt and pepper has unique taste- source: internet

Grilled Banh My with salt and pepper is really a unique dish in Saigon. The process of making it is quite simple. However, it is not easy to have a delicious one because it requires good skill at grilling and seasoning. Firstly, people dip Banh My with spices and then grill it. After that, they add some kinds of topping such as hot dog, pork floss, mayonnaise and so on.

If you want to try this dish, you can visit Grilled Banh My Titi. Banh My here is grilled crunchily which is mixed well with cheese and some kinds of topping. Moreover, the price of per set here is very cheap when being compared with other places. Only with 10,000 Vietnam dong, you can enjoy a very delicious Grilled Banh My with salt and pepper.

Steamed rice roll- a unique dish from rice

Steamed rice roll is the highlight of Saigon’s food
Steamed rice roll is the highlight of Saigon’s food- source: internet

Steamed rice roll is special food of Vietnam, especially Ho Chi Minh. The way to make it is very unique which expresses the creation of Vietnamese people. Traveling all around the world, you can’t find any countries where steamed rice roll is delicious as that in Vietnam. Let’s learn a little about how to make it. Firstly, people grind rice and mix with water to make liquid. Then, they boil a big pot of water and put a thing which is flat on the mouth of pot. When you order a set of steamed rice roll, they will pour the liquid on that thing and wait until it is fine. Lastly, they add fried chopped onion, Gio, Cha and so on.

Let’s see Saigon through steamed rice roll
Let’s see Saigon through steamed rice roll – source: internet

When enjoying steamed rice rolls, you will feel a very special taste with soft rolls. Eating with Mam, you can feel the heaven on your tongue. There are many restaurants or vendors serving this dish in Saigon. You can come to 157, Vuon Chuoi in district no. 3 to enjoy. This is one of the most famous destinations for this.

This city is beautiful and attractive for not only its nice places of interest but also its special food. Let’s visit and see Saigon through its unique cuisine and you will get many interesting experience.

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