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Myanmar is a beautiful city with a lot of majestic places for you to explore. You can try to live in ancient city that make you feel excited – it is called Yangon. Indochina tours Myanmar

Yangon at night
Yangon at night – source:

Living in Yangon make tourists amazing by the historical beauty, beautifully attractive destinations, making tourists have the chance to have an experience to the feeling of nervous and not want to leave.

You must visit some places, eat some food, exploring their culture when you live in Yangon.

Myanmar has long been considered as the land of Buddhist temple with gold. This symbol has become the pride of the people of Myanmar, and one of which can not drop to discuss the Golden Pagoda.

Built more than 2,550 years ago, Famous Golden Pagoda was considered as a land to maintain 15 hairs of the Buddha. The main tower of the temple has about 100 meters high and is covered by more than 35 tons of gold and hundreds of diamonds. Myanmar travel tours

Shwedagon Pagoda
Shwedagon Pagoda – source:

Living in Yangon and visit to the Famous Golden Pagoda in Yangon, any time of the day, you will be surprised by the yellowish color. Although, in each different time, natural yellow color would lead some different levels, making it hard to resist the implore brought one for tourists.

For the visitors, there is no better way to experience the life of local people by culinary discovery, through the local bazaar. And to explore the colorful bazaar when traveling Yangon will bring you more excited experience.

Beside the famous Bogyke Market in Yangon, there are many other beautiful markets, especially the markets located right at corner. Although the famous night market, but here you’ll find a full a lot of food items worth of meat, fish, eggs, cheese, and whole cream Thanana, this is a cream that local people often do demand to face for sunscreen.

Bogyoke Aung San
Bogyoke Aung San – source:

Bogyoke Aung San, is the huge market of Yangon was built in 1927 by carrying British architecture. The market is always crownded, and customers in this market are mostly foreigners. Bogyoke Aung San is like a market as Myanmar, because visitors can find any item of cultural characteristics Myanmar here. But travelers to visit Bogyoke Aung San most do not deny the purchase of handmade items, and especially the jewelry is crafted on sale here.

Extremely busy are the words that travelers favor for Chinatown in Yangon. Living in here, visitors will be immersed in shopping paradise with exploring variety of goods such as clothing, electronics, souvenirs, antiques, musical instruments, …

Chinatown in Yangon
Chinatown in Yangon – source:

But the most individual represent in this town in Yangon is always busy food court customers comes and goes, even always lit all night.  You can enjoy snacks specialty of Myanmar as: Cookies, coconut, wheat … or enjoy tropical fruits such as watermelon, durian, mangosteen, …

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