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Just over 400km from Hanoi following National Highway 2 and 4C, the rocky plateau of Dong Van awaits visitors, with mountain paths like blood vessels sticking to the land standing between them and the summit of Lung Cu..

Lung Cu Peak, Hagiang Province
Lung Cu Peak, Hagiang Province

Lung Cu peak is located in Lung Cu – Dong Van, about 160 km from Hagiang center. Lung Cu is consisted of ¾ of rocks with a national flag as a highlight. Total are of Lung Cu Town is 3,460 ha, which is divided into 9 villages: Lo Lo Chai, Seo Lung, Ta Gia Khau Can Tang, Then Van, Then Sa, Si Man Khan, San Cho, San Sa Phin. Here, people live mainly on farming and weaving. These villages are ideal for trekking tour around Lung Cu. Visit Ha Giang with Indochina tours Vietnam

The flagpole is built on Rong Mountain. The foot of the tower was carved with pattern of Dong Son bronze drum, the flag is silhouetted on Lo Lo river surface. At closer look, there appears a large and beautiful cave in the halfway of Rong Mountain, which is called Si Man Khan.

Lung Cu flagpole was first built in in Ly Thuong Kiet Dynasty and originally made of a sa moc wood. The pole was rebuilt in 1887 under French colony. In later years, the pole was renovated several times until it has its shape and design as today. The flagpole has the height of 33.15 m with the pole foot is 20.25 m, diameter of 3.8 m. Tours in Vietnam

Lung Cu flagpole
Lung Cu flagpole

The path to the flagpole has 839 stone steps of stairs. At the foothill, they exhibit the costumes, working tools, cultural and handicraft products of Hagiang people.

Lung Cu population consists of many ethnic groups with different and diverse features in culture, beliefs and practices. Many cultural features of ethnic groups here were influenced by the Vietnamese culture, like the silver drum of the Lo Lo which originated from the silver drum of Dong Son.

The wild beauty of Hagiang
The wild beauty of Hagiang

The weather in Lung Cu is mild year around, except for an extremely cold winter, when the temperature might be negative and it snows sometimes. Especially, the beauty of Lung Cu is best revealed in spring when the atmosphere is fresh, the H’mong people blow the leaf flute flirting their partners, resonating the whole area, as well as the sound of the bronze drum by the fire.

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