What makes a Trang An boat tour different?

Trang An has recognized as a natural and cultural heritage site by UNESCO in 2014 thanks to its natural and cultural values. It is a new travel route that has recently operated, attracting a large number of travelers year after year. Even though Trang An has no rice fields and authentic farming activities, there are reasons to love Trang An boat tour. Visit Trang An with Indochina tours

What makes a Trang An boat tour different?

Boat trip

The Trang An boat tour takes around 2-2.5 hours going along spectacular limestone mountains, which is much longer than a boat trip in Tam Coc. It takes you around and through 9-11 caves like a circle, then back to the main harbor; while you will go by one way and get back on the same route with the Tam Coc boat trip.

In Trang An, there are more caves to visit. This boat tour is full of exploration to many tunnel caves, that are 9-11 caves of diverse sizes and impressive mysterious beauty. During the boat journey, you will view the mixture of caves such as short caves, long ones, dark ones and lighted caves with much of impression and surprise. Vietnam tours

Moreover, instead of seating on the boat viewing scenery and three caves during Tam Coc boat trip, Trang An boat trip will give you several stops in some certain temples such as Duc Ong Temple and Trinh Temple; or going trekking up area for a gorgeous panoramic view of the region. Your trip will certainly become more interesting with natural and cultural exploration alike. You will definitely get to learn more about the history of Vietnam, about Ninh Binh, which was chosen as the capital of Vietnam in the 10th and 11th century.


A boat trip to enjoy the beauty of Trang An
A boat trip to enjoy the beauty of Trang An

The river where you start your Trang An boat tour is quite clean and clear; making it possible for travelers to have such nice view of aquatic plants growing and living in the river bed. In a longer rowing boat trip, it can get more majestic mountain views. What a gorgeous view of mountains and rivers!


In Trang An complex, you can expect more professional service. As a private company operates Trang An, they care much about the boat service as well as its environment. All the rowers in Trang An work for this company and every month, they get paid. It is clear that they have to follow the company’s rules and bring the clients the best services. All of the workers work hard to meet the satisfaction of customers so at the end of the trip, most of customers are happy to thank them with tips. Even though it is not compulsory, it is such a nice complement to encourage them to work harder. Unlike Tam Coc, where the boat rowers may ask you for tipping at the end of the boat tour, in Trang An complex, travelers will feel relaxed with their service without any tipping suggestion at the end of service.


Trang An ecotourism complex
Trang An ecotourism complex

Since both Trang An and Tam Coc are favorite tourist attractions, Trang An in particular, though more preferable by visitors, don’t expect to get the river to yourself. However, it is not too overwhelming if you avoid weekends and Vietnamese holiday periods.

For Tam Coc entrance, you have to pay 120,000VND (~USD 5.2) per adult and 150,000VND (~USD 6.5) for the boat with the maximum capacity of two foreigners per boat. Meanwhile each person will have to pay 200,000VND (~USD 8.7) at Trang An with no apparent maximum, other than the amount of the seats. If you decide to rent from one of the other operations, use these prices as benchmarks.

How to get there 


Let’s enjoy Trang An boat tour
Let’s enjoy Trang An boat tour

Go straight ahead, up to the main road Le Dai Hanh Street, turn left and follow it to the main four way intersection in order to get to Tam Coc from the railway station at Ninh Binh. Take a right and then turn left so you are following the river with the canal on your right side and keep on going along the main road for approximately 4km until you can see and turn right turn down a wide road with large stone pillars on either side. Keep on going along this road for another 4km, you will then come to the point where the boats leave at Tam Coc.

If you love the eco nature and local activities, especially Trang An boat tour, let’s join our Ninh Binh – Trang An Private Day tour for the best experience ever.

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