Mother days in 2017
The second Sunday of May has been only an official Mother’s day for just approximately 100 years. So, before 1908, how had our ancestors showed their love to their mothers. In some Asian countries like China, Korea, Japan and even Vietnam, there has been a Cold Food Festival. On that day, people will eat cold food to remember how much love our parent give us and show how grateful we are for having them. Besides, there are many occasions like Woman Day 08th March or Vietnamese Woman Day 20th October in Vietnam. For more information,  you can click: Indochina tours Vietnam
I love you, Mum
I love you, Mum- source: internet

However, some of you may also wonder but they are not Mother’s day, a day especially designed for our Mommy. But I also wonder that whether we only can express our love to our Mama on one day, why not every day, why not every moments of life. Our mommies love us unconditionally day by day, year by year; we also love them day by day, year by year. As a result, it might be better if we expand the definition of The Mother’s Day. It is no longer just the Second Sunday of May, or specifically the 14th May 2017. It is today, yesterday, tomorrow and even the day after that. It is this moment or the moment you see your mama this afternoon. It can be Monday, Tuesday, even it is the Second or the First of either May or June.

Therefore, here is the list of suggestions, I hope it might work for you .

1.       Call your mama and say how much you love her

Call your Mum
Call your Mum- source: internet

It might be a little bit awkward to say a wonderful sentence of 3 words: “I love you” to your Mommies. But, your mother is also a woman, and a woman always loves to hear some sweet words. Life is sometime so had so making our lives a little bit more pinkish is a worthy task. Vietnam travel packages

1.       Cook for your mommy

Cook for your Mum
Cook for your Mum- source: internet

There is a high chance that your mom has been a main chef for years. She has prepared many parties for many family members; she has been cooked a thousand meals for you and your siblings. But how many times has she eaten the dishes you make, how many times has she tried a new recipe invented by you? If you have cooked for her, you can make some more special dish or cook for your Mom her favorite dishes. If you have not had chance to show her how amazing your cooking skill is, today will be your time. If you have not known how to cook, this weekend might be the best time for you to register a cooking course and make her even the simplest meal.

1.       Go shopping with your Mum and pay

Go shopping together
Go shopping together- source: internet

You have gone shopping with your Mom for thousand times since you was a kid, but I guess your Mum has been the one who paid most of the time. So why not this time, you and the wonderful woman of your life have a shopping spree together and you will be her diamond sponsor. I bet that your mum will be thrilled as she can deeply feel that you are totally grownup, who is financially independent.

1.       Travelling together

Travel together
Travel together- source: internet

I have written the full article about this topic, so I will not say long here. I just really want to share that travelling with your mum will be a delightful memory for both of you. It can bridge the gap between you and your mums and make both of you understand each other more.

I hope that you might find this article useful and readable. Thanks for reading and hope that you will have many wonderful days with your mothers.

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