Must – try dishes in Laos

In Laos, people all eat as family style, sitting on the floor, sharing a few dishes. They are always being freshly prepared and not being preserved.

Som Moo (Sour Pork Sausage)

Som moo
Som moo

Som moo is a type of preserved pork sausage that is a traditional celebratory food from Vietnam.This appetizer is made from chopped, fermented raw pork, raw ground pork and shredded pork skin– sometimes includes rump and skin – and wrapped in green leaves. A thin layer of star gooseberry leaves, guava leaves, or fig leaves.. are used to wrap a small lump of raw ground pork and skin. Fresh chilies are usually inserted into the meat, adding a spicy kick to each bite. You can eat it raw or cooked (grilled), depending on the menu. The raw version is good with raw cabbage leaves and string beans. Indochina tours Laos

Khao Poon (Rice Vermicelli Soup)

Khao poon
Khao poon

Also known as Laos laksa and sometimes spelled kapoon or khao pun is a popular type of spicy Laoss rice vermicelli soup that has spread to Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and the United States. In the Laos version, pounded fish is boiled with kaffir lime leaves, galangal, coconut milk and pork fried with chili creating a fragrant and delicious broth. Laos noodle soup, made with long-simmered chili-and-meat-based soup (fish, pork, chicken). This soup is ladled on the cooked rice vermicelli and is topped with a whole bunch of vegetables and herbs for a make-your-heart-sing medley of textures and fresh flavours. . Add fish sauce to taste and enjoy. There is nothing better than a bowl of noodle soup to start the day, to cure a hangover or meditate over the next story idea. Tours in Laos

Khao Jee Sandwich (Baguette Sandwich)

Khao jee sandwich
Khao jee sandwich

Almost every street corner has a vendor selling this French-Laos fusion. Khao Jee is one of Laoss’ staple street foods and is easily found in morning hours sold from small, glass fronted, street food stalls and also found throughout the day at market stalls and transit points. They do make perfect travel partners for long journeys in Laoss. As with all baguettes you can put pretty much anything inside but in Laoss there is a typical and popular filling where the Khao Jee bread is sliced open and stuffed with pork liver pate, steamed pork sausage (moo yor), shredded radish, carrot and cuts of cucumber. The Laos Baguette is perfected with a squeeze of mayonnaise and the heat of chilli sauce. Khao Jee sandwich is good with a cup of strong filtered coffee.

Laos is well-known for its special cuisine. Come and enjoy it.

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