Myanmar dessert

Myanmar people do not always have dessert during normal meals at home, but it is customary when entertaining a guest or giving a charity feast.

Coconut jelly(kyauk kyaw)

 Kyauk kyaw
Kyauk kyaw

Kyauk Kyaw or seaweed jelly, mostly with a coconut milk layer on top, is also one of the most common desserts  in Myanmar. The word agar comes from Malay word agar-agar. In Malay, the word agar-agar means jelly.  Agar agar, a seaweed extract, is a good vegan substitute for gelatin which is derived from animal products. Agar agar comes in several different forms – flakes, strands and powdered. Usually this dessert kyauk kyaw would be served during celebratory occasions, such as house-warming party and wedding reception. To get more information, you can click: Indochina itnerary

Shwe Yin Aye

Shwe yin aye
Shwe yin aye

Shwe Yin Aye (literal meaning : make the golden heart cool) is a Myanmar style dessert.  This is sweet, creamy, simple to prepare and easy to cook. This dessert is a combination of cendol, sago, seaweed agar agar, glutinous rice and white bread served in coconut milk. Shwe Yin Aye is a coconut cream-based dessert that can also be served as a snack during the day. It usually comes with some white bread to soak up the coconut cream. Most of the foreigners find it delicious. This is usually only sold on the street from itinerant vendors who carry a mobile snack unit around on a bamboo pole. View more  Myanmar tours with us now!

Hpa Luda ‘Rose-Scented’ Dessert

Hpa Luda
Hpa Luda

Hpa Luda is all-time Myanmar’s favourite dessert – vanilla ice cream, glass jelly, agar agar, sago and egg pudding in sweet syrup. If there is one famous Myanmar Dessert to try out, that would be ‘Hpa Lu Da’ which is a combination of ice-cream, egg pudding, milk etc in sweet syrup. Vanilla ice cream sits on top of a bandung (rose syrup) mixture containing grass jelly, agar agar and sago. The highlight of this closer is an egg pudding that floats around in the dessert which is firm and intensely creamy when bitten into.

Myanmar desserts are worth tasting. Enjoy them on your trip to Myanmar.

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