Discover Myanmar’s traditional cuisine

As in most other places in the world, Myanmar (Burma) offers cuisines to suit all tastes. Yet the country’s traditional dishes are definitely worth exploring.


Mohinga- Burmese rice noodle soup
Mohinga- Burmese rice noodle soup

Cherished as Burma’s national dish, mohinga is a comforting noodle soup that exemplifies the earthy flavours of the country’s cuisine. Mohinga , or rice noodle served with fish soup, is the favourite Myanmar dish mostly enjoyed at breakfast or on special occasions. While variations, predictably, can be found everywhere, a typical bowl includes thin, round rice noodles, lemongrass, ginger, fish sauce, the pith of a banana tree’s stalk and some lentils or vegetables. Optional toppings include a sliced hard-boiled egg and akyaw, deep-fried crispy veggies and/or disks of lentil batter. The dish is seasoned to taste with a squeeze of lime and/or flakes of dried chili.It’s hearty and filling, but not overly heavy or oily like so many other Burmese dishes. Indochina tours Myanmar


Crunchy samosa
Crunchy samosa

A Burmese samosa, which is somewhat similar to its Indian counterpart has curried potatoes inside lightly fried dough shells. A samosa is a fried or baked pastry with a savory filling, such as spiced potatoes, onions, peas, lentils,  ground beer or ground chicken. The size, shape and consistency may vary, but typically, they are distinctly triangular. Try also the samosas soups, where samosas are scissored into a light broth and topped with fresh herbs, onions and greens. Burmese style samosa is flat, smaller and thinner skin than its Indian counterpart.  This makes it much more cruncher than the Indian and others kind of samosa. Tours in Myanmar

Nangyi thoke

Burmese spaghetti
Burmese spaghetti

Nangyi thoke is a noodle salad mixed in a chicken gravy with many other ingredients which is eaten as breakfast, lunch or snack. The name Nan gyi refers to the round thick rice noodles used while “thoke” means salad. Thick rice noodle salad with chickpea flour, chicken, fish cake (nga hpe), onions, coriander, spring onions, crushed dried chilli, dressed with fried crispy onion oil, fish sauce and lime. The ingredients are seasoned with a mixture of roasted chickpea flour and turmeric and chili oil, tossed by hand and served with sides of pickled greens and a bowl of broth. It has been equated as a Burmese version of spaghetti.

There is a world of dishes to discover in Myanmar. Come and enjoy.

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